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When we board a plane, the goal is simple: to get to our destination as securely and thoughtfully as possible. But sometimes we get in our own style. To be a more sustained and more courteous traveler, don’t make the following five airplane mistakes.

Sidestepping some of these actions will keep you from getting on your fellow flyers’ nerves; avoiding others could even save your life. Read on to learn what not to do on a plane.

 Do NOT mess with the crew

Travelers who mess with flight employees and other members of airline squads generally regret it; they get kicked off flights, arrested, and even jailed. Examples of this following are events such as a passenger who delivered sexist remarks to a flight attendant throughout a safety demo that was reportedly ordered off the flight.

 Don’t Joke About Bombs

No one on the plane is going to laugh at your one-liner concerning guns, weapons, or anything else that could be taken as intimidating—especially not the flight attendants, who have the power to remove you from a flight if they believe there’s even the smallest chance you might pose a protection risk.

Snore Loudly

I didn’t imagine I would be writing this until I sat next to a stranger on a flight home the other day, and he legit began snoring loudly sufficient that it seemed like everyone on the plane could easily listen to him.

Loud enough where you put in earplugs but can yet hear it.

If you’re imagining, “Some people just can’t help it.”

I totally agree. If you’re one of those people who snore, please try not to sleep on an airplane. Save the rest of your co-passengers.

 Lean on Your Unsuspecting Neighbor

Few things are more ominous than randomly getting rolled on by the co-passenger next to you. There are precious few other places in public where this would be adequate.

You hardly meet the people you meet by on an airplane—if you meet them at all. Except you’re that girl that communications to everyone. Abruptly you’re not only sleeping right next to that soul, but you’re planning your head on their shoulder, which is more physical contact than you had in all of the eighth grades.

Don’t be leaner.

Be polite With Your Window sheat

The window sheat is a gift. I quote: the window seat is a gift. As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben says, “With unrivaled power comes great responsibility.”The most effortless way to be a happy passenger is to just play by the rules with the window sheats. If passengers are trying to sleep, you should consider lowering your window shade. If someone in your lane desires to see the mountain, which you are flying over, be kind, and lift your shade to provide them to have a peek. I know staring out the window on an airplane is fun, but there are other people as well on the plane.

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