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Of late, Thailand has become way too mainstream and commercialized. If you are looking for an off-beat tropical adventure, we recommend the island and country of Sri Lanka.  Though it is a small island in the Indian Ocean, it has the weather, locales and natural beauty to blow your mind away. Here is why you need to pack your bags and book your flight to Sri Lanka:

Welcome to Sri Lankan paradise.

Often, called a ‘photographer’s paradise’ Sri Lanka is a region that’s unexplored, which means you get your time with nature rather than those typical touristy places. Therefore, you will get a large chunk of unspoiled natural beauty and virgin landscapes.


Someone once said ‘great places can be found anywhere but great hospitality is rare’. You can measure any country with its level of hospitality. And thankfully, Sri Lanka is right up there with the best in the world. The people here are friendly, courteous and easy going. They are more than willing to go out of their way to help you when you need it the most. What’s more pleasing is to always see a smile on their face to welcome you. Their genuineness will win your heart.

Ancient civilization.

Though every country has a story to tell, Sri Lanka has some of the oldest and most fascinating ones. You can experience these stories while exploring the ancient ruins or temples. It is home to several religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Muslim. The best part, all of them are living in peace and sanctity. Don’t miss the old temples such as Anuradha Complex or the golden-roof Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in the historic city of Kandy.

Wide variety of wildlife.

Sri Lanka has 14 national parks and reserves, which are home to varied species of mammals such as leopard, sloth bear, hog, wild boar, civet cat and many more. If you are a wildlife lover, you’ve got the perfect excuse to be here at Sri Lanka.

Reach the beach.

After visiting temples and wildlife, all you need is to dip in the ocean waters of Sri Lanka. And you are in for a beach paradise. From pristine white sandy beaches, to the golden sands, there is plenty of variety at each beachfront. You can even indulge in water sports, or watch spinner dolphins in Kalpitiya and blue whales off the coast in Mirissa. And if that’s not enough, you have a line-up of entertainment activities like casinos, bars and pubs.

We think these are reasons enough to make you pack your bags and plan your next vacation to Sri Lanka. And if you still want more reasons, we at Cheapfareguru can give you plenty.

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