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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Carnival? Brazil. It’s non-stop fiesta of party, parades, music, booze and plenty of dance.

So what’s the history?

Actually, the carnival tradition began with the Portuguese in the 1830s just before Lent begins, which is a 46-day period dominantly observed by Roman Catholics to pay tribute to the sacrifice and abstinence in preparation of Easter.  Let’s dive into the fun and get started about the Brazilian Carnival.

Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival

Featuring over 100 block parades, Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival is the most famous one supported by students and staff of the city’s samba schools. Favelas (poorest neighborhoods in the city) are members of local samba schools and take part extensively in group performances. Every neighborhood has its own street band, but the famous ones are Banda de Ipanema, Carmelitas, Cordão do Bola Preta and Suvaco do Cristo. The festival will begin on February 21, 2020 and last till February 26, 2020.

What to expect?

While vibrant samba parade and dances are spell bounding highlights, other attractions include:

Sambadrome – You need to buy tickets available both online and offline to watch this exhibition. Reach as early as possible to have an enthralling experience of the parade.

Drum Queen – Every girl wants to become a queen! So, samba schools indulge in cut-throat competition to become Queen of Samba. Participants prepare at least two-three years prior to the event.

Gulliver’s Travel – Who hasn’t read about Gulliver’s Travels? This feature is one of the chief attractions for visitors as they have time to see this giant statue on a slow-moving trailer.

Apart from famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival, there are two more which have caught the attention of the people worldwide.

Bahia’s Carnival

Integrating reggae and traditional African rhythms with traditional samba music and dancing, Bahia’s carnival features four main groups – Trios Eletrico, Indian, Blocos Afro and Afoxes. In Northeastern region, Bahia’s population is marked by African influences. But each group has it unique style of music to mesmerize you.

Pernambuco Carnival

This carnival features large parades with street dancers dancing a week before the carnival and end on Ash Wednesday. The group called Midnight Man features a giant dancing doll as its group leader. Organized groups and individuals dance right away in the parades. Other prominent groups are Crazy Lover and Olivia’s Underpants.

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