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If you are a frequent flyer or often buy your tickets online, you will definitely have a theory as to the right time to book cheap flight tickets online. Now, each one of us have a different logic and theory behind this. To each his own. However, here are a couple of tips that you must keep in mind as they will actually aid you in determining the right time to book cheap flight tickets online.

So, here are the tips,

Look for off season tickets: When you are looking for a vacation check whether where you are heading to will have its peak tourist season or not. Every place in the world has an off season. When you want to buy flight tickets, keep a tab on the off-season tickets. The logic is that every destination has a peak and an off season. Naturally the cost of tickets during the peak period will be steep. Similarly, price of tickets during the off season or lean period is way cheaper. So, if you want to save   some extra bucks but still have fun then the off season is the best time to go.

Book well in advance: When, you are looking for cheap flight deals, you must book the tickets well in advance. Ideally, the flight tickets are available on an online website months before the scheduled flight date. So, ensure that you book your tickets well in advance, so that you get the cheap domestic flight tickets. So, remember to book your tickets well in advance, so that you make the most of the cheap fare available.

Weekdays are cheaper: Statistics show that most of the air fares that are listed on weekdays are actually cheaper than the one’s than the fare on weekends. This is primarily for 2 main reasons. Firstly, most of the people are known to book air tickets during the weekend. So the large footfall of customers at times create an artificial demand for flights that spike the air fare. Secondly, due to slack in number of people buying flight ticket during week days actually makes these online portals to come out with various schemes and offers that makes the tickets cheaper.

Avoid Holidays: when you are looking for best days to fly, remember to avoid holidays. Air Prices during holidays are always on a higher side. So, ensure that you avoid these days so that you can avail very cheap international flights. Similarly, the tickets for weekends are also always on the higher end. Hence, ensure that you book your flight keeping these in mind.

Look for Cheap Deals: Every online air fare website is known to offer a cheap deal day when it also has a tie up with a credit card company to offer discount. So, ensure that you look out for these deals to make the most of the air fare and save some money.

Hope the tips shared above actually come handy and help you save some money.

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