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If we told you that we have tricks and ways to get you those cheap flight tickets you’ve wanted for your upcoming holiday, would run with excitement? Well, maybe you should buckle up and gear up to witness the magic then because CheapFareGuru is excited to tell you these 5 ways to get a cheaper around the world plane ticket.

Be alert, vigilant, and act promptly

If you want to book cheap flight tickets, be alert with the airfare prices. Always keep a check on airfare prices online by subscribing to price alerts, signing up for airline social media accounts, singing up for the airline newsletter, etc. Be the first to be notified of any airfare price drop alerts since the schemes last for a very limited period. Hence, be vigilant and act promptly whenever an attractive flight ticket price strikes.

Fly off-season

The air flight ticket fares depend immensely on the long weekends, festivals, and holidays. The algorithm will show you higher air flight ticket prices when a majority of population is bound to travel. Try and be flexible with your dates and its best to avoid times like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Find places and visit them when it’s not their season time, that way you will find cheap flight deals. Check out CheapFareGuru to know about cheapest days to fly.

Book flight tickets in ‘Prime Window’

Remember to initiate search for international flight tickets at least 60 days in advance and for domestic flight tickets at least 70-80 days in advance, from the scheduled departure. Book your flight tickets after extensive research and note the variation in prices; it will help you easily spot a good airfare price deal and book cheap international flights.

Do not be rigid with day, time, airport, etc.

One rule that can get cheap international flights in a blow is to be flexible with the day you choose to fly, time of the air flight, airport you are flying from and if possible, even the destination. Platforms such as CheapFareGuru provide great flight deals for varied flexible aspects of flight tickets booking.

Pack light and save on baggage

One rule you must live by if you want lowest airfare is to pack light and carry as minimum luggage as possible. The lowest airfares come with almost no baggage options or just one carry-on bag. So, it is best to travel light and save those extra bucks to splurge on the holiday later.

Follow these simple tricks and be assured to that you will get cheapest flight deals possible to your desired destinations.


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