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The search for cheap flight tickets can be excruciating and also needs a lot of patience. More than that, it is very important that you are exploring the right platforms to search for airfare prices of plane tickets for your destination. In case, that has got you worried, relax because CheapFareGuru has listed down best websites to find cheap flights and error fares.


What is better than some aid while searching for flight tickets online? Hopper is the ultimate solution to finding cheap flight deals. It provides prediction of a right time to make your online flights bookings. The tool suggests you to scan airfare prices for a certain period and track movement, once through book when you spot an attractive airfare price. Further, you can also set up airfare price alerts so that you are the first one to be notified of falling plane ticket prices.


Kayak acts more of an aggregator and is thus a very effective travel search engine. It allows the travellers to search for air flights on selected dates and shows results of different airplane flights from various websites altogether at one place, making it easier for you to compare. Travellers can easily find the lowest airfare available and book plane tickets right way. It also has a flexible date tool that makes it more convenient for the user.


A trusted player since 1990, CheapFareGuru offers the best flight deals and cheap flight tickets to a host of international and domestic destinations. More so, it also allows travellers to book hotel accommodations, rental cars, get insured, etc. The website is extremely easy to use and provides service to customer 24*7*365. You can book online through their website or call on their number to grab best flight deals.


Extremely effective and very widely sued by travellers across the globe, Expedia is a master at searching and booking airplane flights. It also runs a reward program where one can earn miles on an air flight booked through Expedia. Well, these rewards points are also granted on bookings of hotels, cars, holiday packages, adventure activities, and much more.


Instead of relying on third parties or acting as an aggregator, Skyscanner searches over 1000+ airlines, booking sites, and travel agencies for the best airfare prices for the flight tickets of your destination. It also allows the traveller to see the least expensive and most expensive days to travel via a calendar view or chart. It also offers a map feature to explore the cities that have cheap flight tickets from the home airport.

Google Flights

Definitely one of the most powerful tools for air flight search, Google flights find you cheapest air flights though a well-researched and carefully crafted algorithm. Explore this tool and also check out the map search feature, which will depict airfare prices of various destinations and also indicate places with least expensive fares. Additionally, the price tracker feature of this tool is worth more praise, this option is available on the search results page and allows you to track flight ticket prices on the route of your choice.

Search on these platforms to grab the cheap flight deal possible to a place of your choice. These are user-friendly, advanced, and offer you a great way to compare airfare prices before actually going ahead with flight bookings.

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