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Travelling in a group can be fun but organizing the same is not always easy. The fact that planning for so many different people might feel like a mammoth task. Here are some tips for group flight ticket booking that would actually help you.

  1. Take a final head count: When you are looking for a group booking, then it is important to zero onto the final head count. Give a timeframe within which everyone needs to confirm if they are going or not. This is important as you do not want any last-minute back outs. The issue with a group ticket is that one ticket has all the heads enclosed. So, tomorrow if someone wants to back out then you might have to reschedule or cancel all the tickets which may lead to a loss. So, ensure that before you pay for the flight tickets you have the final head count on your tips.

  2. Talk about Group Deals: When you are buying group flight tickets, ensure that you speak to the site or the travel agency online that you want multiple air tickets,  even if they do not have an existing scheme , they will certainly be able to arrange some kind of deal for you .

  3. Look for Round trips: When you are travelling in a group, make the most of it tell the airlines or company through which you are booking to give you cheap round trip flights.  They should be able to provide you a good deal. Since, you are buying both sides tickets from them, they are benefitting from the whole deal and should immediately offer you a spot discount. They should offer you a rebate on the total round trip fare.

  4. Book the whole package from one site: When you are planning a vacation with a group there are multiple bookings involved – Flight booking, hotel booking, can booking and so on. In order to make the most of the deal, ensure that you do all the bookings from one website alone. Ensure, that you book the whole package from one place alone so that you get a good deal or package from them. Even if they do not have any existing deal, they can certainly customize one for you.

  5. Cash on Airfare Sale: From time to time, there are various airfare sales that are held by various airlines and websites.  This is the perfect way to get group tickets at a concessional rate. So, keep an eye on the various deals that are available from time to time. During these sale periods the air tickets are available at a low rate. So, make most of this special period.

Hope the above 5 tips will help you in making group ticket bookings at a concessional rate. These will help to ease your tension and actually make the whole process much simpler. So, go ahead and book these with ease.

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