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If you haven’t seen a glass beach, you have missed out on one of the most spectacular views of your life.  Processed by nature, a glass beach is pure beauty. Vibrant, pleasing, and picture perfect for your Instagram feed, these 6 glass beaches around the world are the ones you must visit. Keep a lookout for flight tickets on CheapFareGuru to grab the best flight deals for these destinations.

Vladivostok, Russia

A sparkling tourist attraction, this glass beach on the shores of Ussuri Bay is mesmerizing beauty with clear water, shining shores, and stunning cliffs. It is commendable to see how nature has transformed the once dumping ground for a local porcelain factory into a wonderful beach that seems to be covered with lighted candles on a sunny day and in winter’s gleams with colors. Several years of erosion, broke, rounded, polished the glass and made it shinier giving the beach nature’s own imprint.

Spectacle Island, Boston, Massachusetts

This 114-acre island which was once a trash dumping ground today is as spectacular as its name suggests. Transformed by nature through years of landscaping, this island is filled with all kinds of treasure including smoothed colored glasses and porcelain pieces; it is gripping to see how nature turned these waste items into a beautiful treasure that would be so tranquil to watch. The large island is a short ferry ride from Long Wharf in Boston and is full of recreational activities that you could indulge in including hiking, swimming, and boating.

Fort Bragg, California

Formed out of household garbage dumped into an area of coastline near the northern Fort Bragg town, the glass beach today is rich in sea glass formed by the pounding sea waves that over the years converted the waste into small, smooth, and vibrant glass pieces. The beach is an easy way via the Glass Beach Trail, right off of Glass Beach Drive.

Kauai, Hawaii

Located in the middle of an industrial area in Port Allen Harbor in Ele’ele, this glass beach has taken over the landscape completely. Today, the shoreline is blanketed with brown, aqua, clear, and blue colored, million, small, smooth glass pieces that look like a dream. The lava beds at the southern end of the beach are a must see when you go to visit this beauty. The beach is a surreal example of nature absorbing and transforming man’s trash into something as gorgeous as this.

Langøyene, Oslofjord, Norway

From Aker Brygge take a ferry and head towards this secret glass beach located next to the ferry port of Langøyene. The beach is shining with smooth broken colored glasses, aged porcelains, barnacled mussel shells, and lava rocks. This place is very beautiful, as well as economical and will suit you if you have budget constraints. Also, you can get some cheap airfare on CheapFareGuru for Oslo.

Port Townsend, Washington

McCurdy Point located several miles west of Port Townsend was in the earlier times a place to dump trash, before the local authorities intervened and stopped the dumping. Over the course of year, due to adequate surf tumbling, the waste was processed into smooth, shiny, colorful sea glass. Today, the entire stretch from McCurdy Point to Point Wilson Lighthouse is brimming with spectacular glowing glasses, porcelain, and colorful rocks.

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