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Is your next holiday planned but you are worried about missing on your fitness regime? We have a solution for you! Read on to find out how to keep up a fitness routine while you fly. The fact is that our normal fitness routine gets the least amount of attention while traveling and fretting about it is absolutely normal. Whether it is hitting the gym, running in the neighborhood, cooking your own healthy meal or having a good night’s sleep; everything goes out of the window while on a holiday. However, if you want to stay fit and not worry about those extra kilos gained during your vacation, then follow these useful tips.

Stay Active

We understand that exercise may not be on your holiday agenda but you sure can try to stay fit by being active on your vacation. Focus on moving more, walking down to your destination if they are near, explore hidden backstreets, stroll along the beach, go hiking, avoid the lift and take the stairs. You can also include some exciting sports in your holiday regime such as swimming, snorkeling, rock climbing, tennis, cricket, beach volleyball, surfing, etc. Even a half hour session will help you stay in shape and boost your energy levels, keeping your holiday spirits high.

Take a Balanced Holiday Diet and Nutrition

Food is a key attraction for some travelers. People travel to eat local cuisines, devour the street food, and indulge in sinful calories on their holiday. While you can still do all of it, you can do it a little more cleverly. Have one healthy meal and you can go wild on the other two. Try to avoid late night meals and eat early. While dining out, you can opt to share your meals with co-travelers, that way you end up exploring more and eating just the right quantity.

If you are traveling alone, you might want to order halves or small portions of meals. You can also opt to carry some packed foods along, that could comprise of clean protein and supplements. One thing that  will work to your advantage is speeding your metabolism by eating every 2 hours if possible; focus on eating just the required amount and in small intervals to enjoy your trip more. Also, drink lots of water. It will help you stay hydrated and prevent overeating.

Use Technology to your Advantage                                                                                               

There are multiple online classes and applications that you can use to do some exercise while on your holiday. You can stream a short but intense workout session and burn those calories down. Some of these fitness applications are also available offline. You can also look out for online yoga sessions; this is also a type of relaxation you can cover on your holiday. Sit out in the balcony, enjoy the serene view or sit next to the beach and do some yoga sessions while listening to the sounds of the waves.

Use the Hotel Gym

You should try to fit in a gym session, it might not be a long one but if it’ll make you sweat, it’ll do. You could also ask for a room on the same floor as the fitness center so that even if you feel like sitting it off, you just cannot do it since you would be crossing it now and then. Accessibility and convenience make a huge difference in motivation.

Carry your Swimsuit

The most suitable form of workout on a holiday is to swim aimlessly. Carry your swim suit and hit the pool to enjoy the hotel view, relax, and shed those extra pounds. Swimming is known to work muscles of the entire body making for a great cardiovascular conditioning.

 Explore the Place on Foot

One thing that you will completely fall in love with is exploring your holiday destination on foot. Walk to witness those hidden jewels, unexplored beaches, streets, islands, and so much more. Walking is the best exercise and at the same time it fits perfectly in a holiday itinerary. You can also go biking or maybe have a friendly competition with your travel partners to ensure everyone stays fit.

More so, ensure you carry your fitness band to help track your movements and make you stay fit and focused. Try to stay in shape while you fly. CheapFareGuru believes – A healthy holiday is a happy holiday.

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