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While traveling might have become a new hobby for the millennials, it is essentially not done as it should be. There is a certain set of rules and etiquette that must be followed to avoid causing any hassle to other co-passengers. Travel etiquettes reflect on the person and hence, must be taken very seriously. Remember the time when you had to face an uncomfortable situation or disturbance because of no fault of your own but because of the sheer lack of travel etiquette in the co-passenger/s concerned. Well, to ensure more people learn about travel etiquette, here are six cardinal sins of traveling that should be strictly avoided.

Reclining too low: One essential thing to remember with seating in aircraft, buses, trains, etc. is – the ability of the seats to recline. Now while that is a comfort, it can prove to be very disadvantageous for the person sitting at the back. So, remember to recline your seat only as low as it doesn’t intrude on another person’s space. It should not feel like you’re lying in their lap, so avoid reclining too low!

Eat gently: Eating is an integral part of traveling, hence, it is essential to follow eating etiquettes while traveling. Do not enter a beast mode while eating and try to gulp down all the food you can; instead, eat slow, eat gently without any noise, and try to be courteous and offer food to the co-passenger. 

Use the loo finely: Loo is a very sensitive issue while traveling, and thus, it is very critical for every passenger to know some basic loo etiquettes to avoid any hassles to another person. The loo is not your personal property, so there is no need to conduct your whole business inside; people are waiting for their turn, so please oblige. Moreover, remember to use the loo properly – do not wet floors, flush toilet paper, and always check for any leftover before you exit. A clean toilet is everyone’s basic right!

Stick to your own seat: One thing that we all must understand is that the airline allots seats for everyone reserves; also, most people reserve seats in advance for a reason or even if not it is uncalled for another person to grab a seat that has not been reserved by them. In case you really want to change the seat, wait till the journey starts, and if the seat remains vacant, occupy it; if not, then stick to the one allotted.

Respect the privacy of the other: One sin that is completely forbidden is to intrude on another person’s privacy, such as peeping into their phones, reading material, or eavesdropping on their telephonic conversation. It is also critical to remember that you cannot cling to your phone and talk unabashedly without caring for your co-passengers; it can be highly intrusive and irritating. 

Enter and Exit in queues: While some people rush and push while boarding or getting off the plane, it is really not required. Everyone will get a turn to exit and enter; hence, it becomes unnecessary to push and rush through the queue without any reason. The seat numbers are already allotted, there is ample space for cabin baggage, the plane cannot leave without you seated or exited properly – so, what is all the rush for? In fact, it is good to be courteous to people, allowing them to walk on ahead, helping them with baggage, if required.

These six cardinal sins of traveling should be kept in mind and strictly avoided during all air flights. So, the next time you are in an air flight, remember to follow the travel etiquettes for your own good.            

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