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Travelling with grandparents during childhood used to be fun, isn’t it? But sometimes traveling with them can be a bit challenging. Multi-generational travel can get tough, especially when trying to keep everyone happy. While traveling with grandparents, you may find yourselves tackling problems that you have never had to deal with it before, especially from destinations and activities to restaurants and room options.

If you have never vacationed with your older family members before, then here are 7 tips and tricks on how to successfully take a getaway with grandparents.

1. Choose a destination for everyone: Choosing a destination that where to go is the tough part of any vacation. The best thing is to do is to talk with everyone which you must involve the suggestion of your grandparent for travelling on the trip. Be sure to ask questions before booking about your grandparent preferences and room selections. You may have to factor in things such as wheelchair accessibility, stair concerns, and long-distance walks. Also, keep in mind that the sleeping arrangements are important. Book an extra room because cramming a room with the maximum capacity of people may not be worth it. And staying in a kid-filled hotel with a loud atmosphere may not be the ultimate preference of the older generation so make sure when you are booking a hotel that will be hassle free. It pays to do the research and be certain your destination is right for everyone.

2. Let the grandparents plan activities: If grandparent have things they want your family to do while visiting, leave time to accommodate those specific activities. They may have waited a long time to have your family experience with certain attractions and their favorite place to eat which are comfortable for the family. They may even want the grandkids to meet their friends. If a suggested activity sounds like a poor match for your family, voice your concerns and ask your grandparent concern. Otherwise, let them be your local tour guide as much as they want.

3. Prepare for the flight: Wherever you are flying to, spending an extended period on a plane will eventually get uncomfortable for your older family members. So when you planned to visit with your grandparent always Keep a neck pillow and blanket handy to help your grandparents rest comfortably. Any medications should always be packed in a carry-on bag, so be sure to check with your grandparents if they have done so. It is also a good idea to choose your seats in advance, so pop-pop doesn’t get stuck in a middle seat next to strangers. An aisle seat is the best bet for the older generation traveling on long-haul flights since they will be able to get up and move around.

4. Try not to Overdo it: Planning a non-stop itinerary with no down time will most likely result in a cranky grandparent. We must recommend you that include some spacing out activities, making time for a long lunch, and maybe even fitting in a nap. Spending any quality time together, talking, and making memories will surely light up your grandparents’ faces as well as your own. Everyone eventually gets tired when there is a lot planned so it is best way to relax at certain times, especially when traveling with those who is much older than you.

5. Consider your grandparent health: Before your trip, always make sure that whether your grandparents schedule any necessary medical appointments to get any prescriptions they will need to take while you are away. You should always keep in mind that if any restrictions on what activities your grandparents can partake in due to their health to keep your vacay sailing smoothly.

6. Look into senior discounts: As we know that many travel sites, airlines, hotels and car rentals offer special discounts for senior citizens. In fact, travelers over 65 can save big on senior deals. So don’t book anything without inquiring about any discounts that your grandparents may be able to use. And ultimately, you can save a lot of money on restaurants, flights, car rentals, and hotels.

7. Remember to have fun: It is most important tips to have fun and make memories because Traveling with you grandparents can be a great and wonderful experience. Creating new memories, relaxing, and exploring together is what traveling with family is all about. Try to forget about the hassle or commotion that may occur and enjoy the trip.

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