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Applying for Visa but thinking about how to produce a travel itinerary without actual air flight and hotel bookings? When you apply for a visa, the approving authorities ask for flight tickets and hotel bookings, while you might consider booking air plane tickets and hotels, and then applying for a visa, CheapFareGuru suggests you to avoid booking any flight tickets or rooms before getting your visa approval. Well, it is a situation we’ve all encountered and CheapFareGuru advises you to be wise and use these 15 ways to get a travel itinerary for visa application.

Purchase a refundable flight ticket: Though expensive but a fully-refundable flight ticket is a great way to get the flight itinerary. Refundable flight tickets guarantee price back in case you cancel and on the other hand, serve as valid proof of flight itinerary for visa application.

Hold a flight ticket through a local agent: Usually, travel agents charge a small fee and allow you to hold flight tickets for a certain period of time. You can use these air plane tickets to present in the flight itinerary.

Use a visa ticket booking website: A few travel agents provide this service upon payment of a fee which is very small. This option allows you to hold air flight tickets up to 21 days.

Tap on award miles: If you have airline miles, the right time to use it is while booking flight tickets for visa application. Most airlines allow you to book air flight tickets using your award miles and hold tickets up to 5 days.

Free ticket hold by airlines: Some airlines also allow you to book flight tickets where you can hold airfare prices up to 48 hours.

Free ticket hold by online booking sites: A lot of online booking websites also provide you the option to book flight tickets and hold the airfare price up to a certain period for free.

Hold airfare prices by paying fee: You can book air tickets with airlines that allow you to hold airfare prices for flight tickets for a specified long period of time by paying a certain fee.

Email price quote or itinerary from airlines: A price quote for flight tickets from the airline can also work very well as an air flight itinerary for visa application.

24 hour air flight ticket cancellation: Airlines and online booking websites such as United allow the passengers to book air flights and cancel within 24 hours without charges.

Onward flight ticket booking: You can book a flight ticket through an onward air ticket booking site that cancel your flight ticket on your part, post 24 hours upon payment of a fee.

Fake air tickets: Not completely reliable but can work when all options bail out. A lot of online websites let you create a fake air flight tickets that look like original flight tickets. This option should be used at you own discretion because this is very risky.

Non-refundable flight ticket: If you are sure of getting a visa, you can go for this option and book non-refundable air tickets. Be sure before your choose this, as there is a lot of risk.

Refundable or pay at the property: To get hotel itinerary, you can choose to pay at the hotel while booking your hotel room. Alternatively, you can select refundable room bookings to get travel itinerary for visa applications.

Security fee/deposit: Some websites allow you to book hotel rooms by paying a small fee as security or deposit which can be adjusted against the full amount, if you go ahead with the booking. This is a valid, functional booking that can be used for visa application.

Non-refundable hotel: Last option to get the travel itinerary is to book hotel rooms that are non-refundable but have confirmed booking. Use this option only when you are sure to get your visa approval.

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