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Israel is the Holy Land for three of the largest religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Middle-Eastern country, located on the Mediterranean Sea, has a lot to offer – ranging from pilgrimages to famed beaches. I recently traveled to Israel to explore its architecture and diverse terrains.

It was the first time I was visiting this beautiful land and it was every bit worth it!

I started with the holy cities of Nazareth and Jerusalem. Their glorious rock architecture is something I found really fascinating. The diverse cultures here seemed to be a concomitance of different religions. Personally, I like exploring cultures and traditions in new countries. It is interesting to observe how different traditions come together to create a unique culture altogether. In Israel, I got a small glimpse of this.  

The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinian Arabs is ongoing. This requires all Israeli citizens to serve in the military. It shocked me to see that young girls and boys were in military uniforms and handled guns. 

Food is an integral part of any culture. I enjoyed the eccentric cuisine that Israel offered. It was new for me to see multiple people sharing a plate. I soon found out than sharing food was part of Israeli customs. Food here is prepared in accordance with religious laws. If you’re planning a trip to Israel, go with some research on ‘kosher’ food for a better experience. An important rule of Israeli food is that dairy and meat do not mix. Hummus is almost always served as a side dish. The dip is relished and eaten with various types of bread.

Apart from the rich culture, the Dead Sea was one of my favorite parts in the trip. Floating in the deep sea without the fear of drowning was a memorable experience. There are hotels and spas on the beaches. The salty waters and enriched mud have many health benefits. I enjoyed a rejuvenating massage on the shores of the Dead Sea.

At Tel Aviv, a modern capital, I enjoyed the sandy beaches by day and invigorating nightlife after the sun went down. The contrast between the old, holy cities and the modern Tel Aviv was stark and riveting. The traditional customs and ways of the holy cities and the modern lifestyle of Tel Aviv made my visit an enthralling experience.

Israel is quite an expensive country to visit. The country has a high cost of living. However, the jobs pay comparatively low salaries. I have a newfound respect for the residents of Israel who manage to make a living there. Good food is quite expensive and took a toll on my pocket.

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