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Perhaps the most common reason (but certainly not the only important one) for traveling with a group of friends would help you to save your money. You might be saving money from hotels, airlines, museums, sightseeing companies, art galleries, etc. all offers lower prices for group travelers.  Have you ever been on a trip from a self-planned trip and tried to total exactly how much it is your trip cost you? We have and we always surprised thinking it would be lesser than this turned out to be.

Moreover, at each stage in a traveler’s life, they must experience group travel at least once. While travel solo backpacking, or couple travel, can be satisfying in its own way, there’s nothing completely like exploring a new destination or all activity with a group of friends.

Whether you plan a trip with your closest friends and collogue, or join a travel company, traveling with unknown people helps you find new friends and solidify old ones. The new experiences always help build lifelong bonds and memories between new people that extend well beyond your trip. Doesn’t matter what type of traveler you are, we have a few top reasons you must travel in a group.


  1. Safety if anything goes wrong

You must join a travel group and you’ll always find a tour leader to give you advice if there is something wrong. You are not five anymore, and they are not your parent on your trip, but you have the resource that someone’s got your back if it anything go wrong.


  1. A good way to organize group travel

We can’t believe that we hadn’t gone this before, but some travelers we met on the group tours had come with friends and family.


  1. Group discounts

When you decide to travel in a group, your leader would arrange you a little group discounts on some activities, food, and drinks. Travel companies will be happy to offer low-cost prices as there are so many of you.


  1. See things you wouldn’t be able to usually

As part of a vacation your travel guide can arrange access areas you wouldn’t be able to see yourself. This is mostly true when it comes to those hard to reach destinations like Africa and others.


  1. Have someone for the photos

You need to get some friends who will help you have good pictures for social media. On your vacation everyone’s love to pose for a picture and love to be tagged as they all want to look like they’re having the best time with your friends.


  1. Someone to show you the way

When you are traveling overseas solo, you will have to book and find your own accommodation, and getting there, finding food and drink to making sure that you get the best from your vacation.

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