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An archipelago of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos Islands are best known for their vast number of endemic species, exotic natural beauty and for its contribution to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

One of the last remaining places on Earth where the human footprint is still at a minimum, the Galapagos Islands offer a unique adventure travel opportunity – a chance to experience nature at its richest and most exotic.

Here are some of the activities on offer –

1.Leòn Dormido (Kicker Rock)

Take a boat ride to this vertically imposing, 153 m tall tuff cone and experience snorkeling in the clear blue waters of the Pacific. To offer you company, are the awe-inspiring sea turtles, marine iguanas, rays, sharks & tropical fish. Not to mention, frigate birds and sea lions along the shore.

2.Volcán Alcedo

Requiring permits to hike its lengthy and steep trail, this volcano is best known for its 4.3-mile wide caldera, steaming fumaroles, hawks riding thermal drafts and hundreds of giant tortoises. In addition, there are lava flows, craters, stunning landscapes and a variety of endemic birds. Camp overnight and truly soak its wonders.

3.Puerto Egas  

One of the main attractions of the Galapagos, Puerto Egas is a black lava shoreline with caves, lava pools and inlets home to an array of wildlife – Marine iguanas, herons, Lightfoot crabs, fur sea lions and sea turtles, just to name a few. You can snorkel with the playful sea turtles and sea lions, or you can make the 1.2-mile walk to Sugarloaf Volcano for some breathtaking views.

4.Tortuga Bay 

It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in South America and offers activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, swimming or just plain old sunbathing. Home to lizards, a variety of birds, hundreds of years old cacti, iguanas, pelicans etc, it also offers beautiful scenery of white sand and contrasting black volcanic rocks. At the end of it all, if you want to listen to some tropical grooves and have a beer,  the Casa Rosada, the Oasis, the Galapagos Deli are just some of the many excellent options on offer. For the best travel deals to this exotic location check out Cheapfareguru.

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