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Flights are the most complicated and also the most expensive part of a travel and especially if they are international flights. They are very instrumental when planning your trip and hence, a proper research based on clever techniques is required to ensure you get cheap airfares without much trouble. Hence, we got you an effective list of ways to ensure booking online flight tickets is at easy and cheapest.

Use a Clever Flight Finder

Search for flights on competitive finders to get amazingly cheap flight deals. Prices of the flights booked through an agent or with the airline directly or through an average flight finder would be any day more expensive. Also, ensure your search engine is in incognito mode to avoid any sudden hike in prices.

Book in the ‘Prime Window’

Your prime booking window has lowest airfares that should be grabbed instantly. Monitored advance booking guarantees cheap airfares. Book your domestic flights 70-80 days and international flights 60 days before departure. Watch airfares on and pounce on an attractive price when it strikes.

Be Flexible with Time, Day, and Airports

One thing that will always get you cheap international fares is flexibility – in the time of flying, in the day of flying, and the airport you choose to fly from. Choose to fly during undesirable times and days such as Tuesday or Wednesday, which are comparatively quieter than Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays when airfares are high. Choose to fly out on the day of the holiday and avoid peak season travel. Focus on flights during “dead time”. Check for alternate flight timings and airports.

Opt for Layover Flights

While the idea of a connecting flight may make some people cringe but is sure is an effective way to bring those high fares down. A direct flight is any day more expensive than a layover flight. Choose a layover flight if there is no rush. A connecting flight will also give you time to stretch legs on long routes, and add a new destination to the itinerary.

Sign up for Price Alerts, Newsletters, and Social Media Accounts

Setting up price alerts is easy and the most acknowledged way to get cheap international flight prices. Also, remember to follow the airlines newsletters and their social media accounts; sometimes the airlines offer great deals, promotions, and discounts on such platforms.

Use your Special Status and Loyalty Points

Use your special status such a military, student, teachers, elderly, etc. to book flight tickets to your destination. You should also not forget about the loyalty points; you could redeem those to avail some discount on the international flight tickets. The airlines also run special schemes and promotion offers for their loyal customers time to time, a vigilant eye on such offers would make it easy to grab cheap airfares.


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