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Whether it is your first trip or your fifth, Australia will always melt your heart with its picturesque beauty. The sheer enormity of the beautiful landscapes in Australia is awe-inspiring. No matter how well captured, no photograph can do justice to the actual beauty of Australia. Everything about this country will blow you away – emerald rainforests, golden beaches, clear seas, earthly deserts, stunning mountains, tropical islands, many-hued coral reefs, abundant wildlife, and rugged, red rocks. They all tell a story of land so beautiful that its beauty will touch your soul. There is nothing as mesmerizing as Australia.

Not just that Australia is also known for its entertainment and nightlife. One such event that is a must-attend in Australia is the Royal Canberra Show. The Royal Canberra Show is one of the largest events of the country, which has been continuing for ages. It began in 1927 and since then the show is annually hosted by the Royal National Capital Agricultural Society. Though started with agriculture as its foundation, the show has now expanded its scope to cover exciting entertainment, exhibitions, food, rides, and a host of other things. The show provides a great platform for local musicians, dancers, and entertainers to showcase their talent and earn recognition. In the Royal Canberra Show, there is something for everyone. The Royal Canberra Show is a perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary.

Held over three days, the show showcases the rich heritage of the rural areas perfectly blending with the modern lifestyle. The show features various competitions across categories including livestock (small to big) and agricultural goods. And over the years the number of participants has increased, signifying the growing importance of the Royal Canberra Show. This year the show will be held from February 28 till March 1, 2020. And we suggest you attend the show with your friends or family and have a fabulous time soaring in high spirits. The whole vibe of the show is so exciting that there is no way you’ll end up disappointed.

Tickets for the Royal Canberra Show are available online on the official website. The tickets range from $2.00 to $52.04, depending on your pass. The show is held in Exhibition Park, Canberra Flemington Rd, ACT, Australia. Now you got all the details handy, there is one other important thing that you need to do – hurry and book your flight tickets to visit the Royal Canberra Show this February. Be assured to have a great time at the show but that is not all. Once you are in Canberra, make sure you extend your trip and explore the capital city of Australia. You’ll be spellbound by the history, art, and the scenic beauty of the city. Though smaller than Sydney, Canberra has so much that you can discover including local food, wine, beer, and other attractions such as museums, galleries, breweries, and contemporary architecture. Also, if you love the quiet and tranquility, you can set out to explore the steering mountains, valleys, and all that there is.

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