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Bitten by the travel bug? Are you someone with wanderlust in their 20s but also someone with budget constraints? If that’s the case, then don’t worry. Travelling doesn’t need to be expensive. You can go on affordable vacations to international destinations with some careful planning. 

In most cases, the bulk of the money goes into buying flight tickets. The rest of the costs for accommodation and food only account for a small share.  But if you plan right and look at the right places, you can find great flight deals. At CheapFareGuru, you’ll find the lowest fares to several international destinations. And why stop at flight tickets? If you pick the right places, you can have a splendid vacation without burning a hole in your pocket. 

To make things easier for you, this article lists trending destinations where you can go solo, with your friends or family, all on a budget. 

South Africa  

South Africa is a country on the southern tip of the African continent that has a lot to offer – lush forests, jungle safari, beautiful beaches and hills, several adventure sports, etc. It is a great place for budget trips as accommodations and food are not very expensive. 


Jamaica is a small Caribbean Island with magnificent beaches, lush forests, rich culture and a lot more to offer. Jamaica has many amazing resorts to live in but you can also get accommodation for cheap in budget hotels or hostels.


Thailand is a Southeast Asian country known for its rich royal history, culture and heritage. Thailand has many heavenly temples where people go to seek blessing and atone their sins. If you’re looking for a holistically spiritual vacation, this is the place for you.


Moldova is a small European country that shares its borders with Romania and Ukraine. Moldova is a country with a usually cold climate. It is also home to several churches and monasteries. If you’re looking for religious experience in Europe, then this is your destination for your next vacation.


Portugal is one of the most affordable travel destinations in Europe. It offers breathtaking scenery, mind-blowing architecture, a very happening nightlife and what not. This is definitely an amazing place to visit in your 20s.


Nepal is a small country landlocked between India and China. Nepal is home to a mixture of cultures and heritages both from India as well as from China. You can go hiking, trekking and climbing in The Great Himalayan mountain ranges. You can embrace the culture and food of Nepal as it warms your heart.  


Turkey is a nation with a rich history residing between the continents of Europe and Asia. With the influence of Greeks, Persians, Chinese etcetera, Turkey is the narrator of delicately rich history and home to beautiful architecture with the Mediterranean Sea at its shores. You can go backpacking across the country on a budget all the while taking in a great experience.

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