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Cancelling air travel is a very common thing. You can cancel your journey due to any reason. But one of the biggest things come to your mind while cancelling a flight is about refund and cancellation charges. If you are also worried about the cancellation processes, charges, or any other thing related to it, don’t worry. We are here to help you. So, here is the first and most important question, can you get a refund on plane tickets? The answer is yes. But you must have to be informed about a few important circumstances and facts related to flight ticket cancellation. Here is everything you would want to know.

How can I cancel the flight ticket?

Before understanding about the possibility of refund for your flight ticket, it is important to know, how you can cancel your ticket. Cancelling your flight ticket is usually very easy. The process and duration of ticket cancellation may vary depending on your method of ticket booking. If you have booked your flight ticket through an authorized travel agent, you can simply request for ticket cancellation. If you have booked your domestic air ticket online, you can visit the related website and cancel your ticket manually only by providing some details including login ID, email ID, Trip ID, and/or PNR No. etc.

If you have booked a ticket with multiple passengers, you can opt from full and partial cancellation.

What are the cancellation charges?

It is another important question to look before answering the question, “can I cancel a flight and get a refund?” The cancellation charges depend on various factors including airlines, traveling distance, class of journey, and the timing of the cancellation. You can always check the booking and cancellation rules mentioned on the airline and ticket booking websites. In addition to the cancellation charges from the airline, various traveling websites and companies charge cancellation fee of different range.

What’s the latest I can cancel my tickets online?

You can cancel your air ticket online up to 3 hours before the departure time of the flight. After that, you have to contact directly to the relevant airline company. The company might consider your request for cancellation and may initiate a refund if any to your bank account.

How long it takes to get the refund back?

Usually, most of the ticket booking websites process the refund within 4 business days of cancellation. But the flight ticket refund may take up to two weeks to reach to your account. It also depends on your bank’s operation. If the refund doesn’t reach to your account even after two weeks, you should contact both your bank as well as the website you have visited to book your ticket.

What if I miss a flight?

In case if you’ve missed a flight without cancelling your ticket, you won’t get back the full refund. But all statutory taxes and Airport Development Fee/ Passenger Service Fee/ User Development fee is refunded. You can claim the refund of these taxes either by contacting the website you have visited for ticket booking or directly to the airline. Different ticket booking companies have different rules for the refund of these charges. You will have to clear everything before booking a ticket.

What if the flight booked was cancelled by the airline?

Sometimes the airline itself cancels its flights due to various reasons including unfavorable weather and technical problems etc. In this type of circumstances, you will get back the full amount of your ticket. If you have booked your ticket through an authorized travel agency, you can ask to cancel the ticket, and you can claim your refund. If you have booked the domestic ticket online, you can cancel it by login into your account. Some websites also ask for an email with basic details including trip ID, PNR, and Passenger names etc. You will get back the refund directly to your bank account.

Can I cancel my ticket booked online by contacting the airline?

Yes! You can also cancel your ticket by directly contacting the airline company. The representative will ask you some basic details about your ticket. If the ticket is successfully cancelled, don’t forget to contact the website you have booked the ticket from. Depending on the remaining time in your departure and bank details, you will get the flight ticket refund within 4 to 14 business days.

Where can I check the refund status?

You can check the status of refund anytime by visiting the concerned website. You can even calculate the refund amount by providing some basic details of your ticket.

These are some important points related to the cancellation of domestic flights ticket. You can surely get the refund on cancelling your ticket, especially if you are cancelling before 3 hours of departure time. We hope the questionnaire was informative enough for you to understand about the flight cancellation rules and facts.

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