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Road trips are undeniably thrilling, and the freedom of the open road can be absolutely liberating. However, if you haven’t planned it out well, road trips can easily take a nasty turn for the worst. Heed these 5 tips for a perfect adventurous road trip by CheapFareGuru that will make your trip a smooth ride.

Get the car ready:

Prepping up your car is utmost important as it’s going to be your home for the next few days. Make sure you fill up your fuel tank and check your tire. Ensure that the lights and other systems are working properly. Don’t miss out on an extra tire for an unforeseen situation. And most importantly clean your car as you don’t want this compact space driving you crazy!

Know your routes:

Exploring in the wilderness might feel like a breath of fresh air, but having your routes mapped out a bit can really help you from getting lost. Also, downloading the offline map can be a lifesaver as your phone might not be able to catch the signal at certain places.

Take the Essentials:

Beginning with the obvious is the car license and registration papers. A flashlight, simple emergency kit, blanket, umbrella, toilet paper, mosquito repellent, cash, and a change of clothes, are some of the basics to keep handy. Don’t forget to carry enough water and some good snacking options!! Sounds too much? Well better safe than sorry.

Take some extra hours:

Thought of covering some extra miles, but falling short of time? Something like this is quite a common scenario whilst on a road trip. Don’t rush, hopping from one place to another but try soaking in each moment. While planning, give enough room for sudden encounters. At times the roads are bad or there is sudden traffic, or you end up missing a turn. Keep some extra time in hand (especially if you have a flight booking), as there are a lot of possibilities that can get you delayed.

Make the right pick-

When it comes to a road trip, you can’t afford to go wrong with two things – travel mate and music. Try and bring along a like-minded companion for the trip. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who can’t even read maps! Also, don’t forget to download some playlists as radio might not be an option.

The best road trip is the one that’s not at all planned out but is still fully prepared for. Got the basics covered? Book now on CheapFareGuru and get the best flight deals to whatever country you are heading for. Happy Road Tripping!

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