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What’s the first image that comes into your mind when you hear the country – Egypt. We bet it is the Great Pyramids. Sadly, not many know or think beyond these magnificent structures. Pyramids are just tip of the iceberg, Egypt has a lot more to offer for the discerning traveler. Here are 5 great reasons why Egypt is the best country in the world to travel

Say hello to one of the oldest civilizations 

Haven’t we been always fascinated about our origins? Well, it’s time to get face-to-face with it at Egypt as you get to witness one of the oldest civilizations on planet Earth. The mystical hieroglyphics and the ancient artifacts will simply blow your mind. The Pyramids, Sphinx and the glorious tombs of the past continue to baffle archeologists and historians, even today.

Endless smiles at River Nile 

River Nile is more than 6000km in length but it offers you countless views of its majestic vistas and geography. From the vast plain deserts to exuberant cities, you’ll enjoy a fantastic contrast throughout your journey on the River Nile. On your way, don’t forget to check Luxor and Aswan, which has plenty of temples, valleys, and alleys of a glorious history of the country.

Sea it to believe it 

 A trip to Egypt is incomplete without visiting the Red Sea, which is teeming with rich marine life, multi-colored fish species, and a distinct coral ecosystem. It’s a haven for all diving enthusiasts. On the other side of the country, there are beaches with crystal-clear aqua and golden sands like the Cleopatra, Gharam and Hurghada Beach. A must-visit for all Watersports lovers.

The weather is clear and good 

For those looking to escape the winter chills, Egypt is just the place to unwind. That’s because it enjoys a warm and pleasant climate all through the year. During summers, you can enjoy areas close to the Nile or the Mediterranean Sea. Come winter, and you have the option to visit the historical sites like Pyramids or even a desert safari. Just the right activities to experience the winter chills and thrills.

Food galore 

Egyptians love their food and hospitality, which is reflected in its people and ethos. The food has Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences, which offers a delight for your taste buds. Kebabs, Arabic bread, Shawarmas, lentils, and beans are available at every nook and cranny of the country. There’s plenty of street foods, which go well with the local shopping delights. So, whenever you are tired of the shopping, go grab a bite at any corner in Egypt.

Are you planning your trip to Egypt too? 

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