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Holidays are the quintessential necessity of one’s life that everyone deserves. Holidays are expected to be relaxing and as rejuvenating to continue with our daily lives. Vietnam is a land of striking landscapes that range from the lush rice terraces and forested mountains in the north to the picturesque valleys of the Central Highlands and the fertile delta and beautiful white sandy beaches of the south, Vietnam is a complete tourist package.

Ho Chi Minh City

Previously known as Saigon, it is the largest city in Vietnam and also the commercial hub where you will find anything, from history to the best entertainment zone, the scrumptious food areas to places to hang out with kiddos. Named after Communist revolutionary Ho Chi Minh, it has emerged from its darkest days to become one of Asia’s most exciting cities. It boasts vibrant street life, handsome buildings, and warm weather all year round.

Chu Chi Tunnels

If you are a brave heart, you must try the superb experience. Củ Chi Tunnels are an extensive tunnel network stretched for more than 250 kilometers that were dug in 1940 as a place to hide during the Vietnam War against France and was later used during the American war. It comprises of meandering tunnels, dark & narrow branches, hidden doors, weapon storerooms, and secret routes for canals and rivers reaching up to the border of Cambodia.


Hanoi has emerged as the booming capital city of a reunified Vietnam. At the heart of Hanoi is its Old Quarter, an open-air museum of historic Asian and French colonial architecture that has largely remained intact despite the bombings of the Vietnam War. Here among scenic tree-lined boulevards, tourists can browse busy markets, sip coffee at quaint cafes and visit prominent sites like the Grand Opera House, the Presidential Palace, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son, Imperial Citadel Of Thang Long and Saint Joseph Cathedral not forgetting the museums like Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, Vietnam Museum Of Ethnology or Vietnam Military History Museum.

Halong Bay

A Picture Postcard scenic beauty with magnificent karst topography and its emerald blue water and marine cliffs, Halong Bay surely looks like heaven on earth. Boasting as a UNESCO world heritage site, this sure is a place you cannot miss out on when in Vietnam

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta has a geographical significance, not only because of its delta features but also due to the abundance of rice cultivation on both banks along with the fruit orchards, sugar cane groves, bird sanctuaries, mangroves. Plus, there are colorful floating markets and quaint villages, which draw many to the Mekong Delta in southwestern Vietnam. It is also known as “Vietnam’s Rice Basket,” as the Mekong Delta feeds more than one-third of the country from its rich plantations, orchards, rice paddies, and fish farms.

Sa Pa

Sa Pa is one of the best places to visit in North Vietnam. The picturesque destination is surrounded by lofty hills and overlooks the rolling plush green valleys. Surrounded by pictorial mountains the terraced paddy cultivation, and the serene-yet-colorful countryside together have made Sa Pa a quiet town frequently used as a base for trekking in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains an idyllic holiday retreat.

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