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We are the generation that likes to travel frequently and explore the faraway places. But what we don’t want is to spend a huge amount on the air plane tickets. Thankfully, there are airlines that claim to be in budget and provide the travelers freedom to travel without breaking their bank. They might not offer luxuries but you surely will save some money. Here are a few points that we at CheapFareGuru want you to keep in mind before making you air flight booking on a budget airline.

What all does your flight ticket cover?

 Most flight tickets cover the cost of your seat, luggage, and a complimentary meal too. But do not expect these amenities when travelling budget friendly. Your flight ticket will only cover your seat cost and you might have to put your hand luggage under your seat. The airline might charge you additional cost for your carry-on bag; the weight also cannot exceed certain kilos. They generally allow a small backpack but might charge you for a bigger one.

Where does you plane take off from?

 If you are not a frequent flier of the budget airlines, then this might come as a big shock to you. These budget airlines don’t usually take off from the main airports that are easily accessible to the people. They take off from small airports which are generally located miles away from the cities. You will have to travel many miles just to reach the airport and get stuck in the check-in and security queues. As they house limited staff members which make check-ins a time consuming process.

What are your rights?

 A traveler must always know their rights in case of emergencies. There are some rights which the travelers can claim. If your flight gets delayed, then you can claim compensation from the airlines. But they are not entitled to pay you if the delay was caused due to poor weather conditions, medical situation or political uprising.

Where to book flight tickets from?

When you book through a travel agent or a well-known operating site then you can easily claim for a refund. They might also offer to rebook a flight ticket for you. But if you book flight ticket directly with the carrier then you will have to go through a long process on your own; their websites are also tricky to operate and translate. Trust CheapFareGuru to book you air flight tickets in a budget.

It is better to be well informed than face problems during your travel. Be informed, be smart!

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