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Settled in heart of the Western Pacific Ocean, the Island of Philippines welcomes over 2.5 million international tourists every year. The beaches, the forests and the unique landforms combined make it a haven for budding tourists seeking a change over the stapled Europe or Greek travel. The country of the Philippines is rising among its contemporaries with respect to tourism services and unique offerings. With the development of water sports
and the evolution of active volcanoes, you can experience the quintessential Asian travel by checking this one island out.  With proper planning and a clear itinerary, a trip to this great Island can be one of your best ones ever. Here are the top five things you must do in the Philippines:

1. Kalesa carriage in the Mestizo district of Vigan

To experience the true beauty of the Vigan, you must hit the streets. The traditional Kalesa is a horse-drawn carriage with canopied cartels and is favored more transportation in the narrow lanes of the city. It’s hooves and cobbles add
an extra element of authenticity and humility to the travel. The food in Vigan owes respects to the Hispanic exuberance of the city, and the Garlic-Vinegar roots of Asian cuisine. Don’t miss out on the Vigan Empanadas,
a small, crispy-crusted pie with savory fillings, and Bagnet, an item evolved from South America’s Chicharon.

2. Climbing Mount Mayon

There are 25 active volcanoes in the Philippines––out of which, the Mayon Volcano ranks pretty high in terms of landscape scenery. Once you check with the current eruption status, get ready to trek. The climb isn’t easy, but the view from above is worth it. There are four camps along the path: Basecamp, Camp One, Camp Two,
and Final Camp. Going up further than Camp Two is advised only if you are a strenuous volcano climber.
Those not seeking an exhaustive volcano trek can plan a day trip of a rather relax climb of Mount Pinatubo. Once you make it, take a dip in the crater lake and enjoy the most relaxing mud spa of your life.

3. Surf Siargao Island

Siargao, a tear-shaped island, is located in the southeast of Manila. Its itinerary includes catching the big waves in the Island’s municipality of General Luna, which has been ranked as the 9th best surf spots in the world by CNN. The surf does not demand pro skills, and beginners have a great shot in locations such as Jacking Horse, Daku, and Guiuan. Once deep into the trenches of Siargao, take time out to visit the Sugba Lagoon. Protected by the island of Del Carmen, an hour’s boat ride will take you to the majestic green-blue waters of Lagoon. Snorkeling and paddleboarding enthusiasts can’t miss this hidden away treasure.

4. Take a ferry to Coron

Once you have crisscrossed the Island for delicacies, water sports, and volcano sightseeing, it is finally time to hit the water. Along with the sea that surrounds, Kayangan Lake, a hidden natural treasure, must be bookmarked in your
itinerary. Taking a ferry to Coron can take you to the incomparable paradise of lagoons, sparkling white beaches, and vibrant limestone landscapes. Another hidden treasure is the Twin Lagoon. Blessed with the quirk of nature,
the Lagoon has both fresh and saltwater, topped with extraordinary biodiversity.

5. Spend a day in Manila

The capital city of the Philippines deserves a day or two’s attention. Manila holds the city’s cultural epicenter and carefully stores the undying Spanish, American and Chinese influences in its food, architecture, and nightlife.
Manila comes alive at night with its vibrant street food and clubbing scene. The city is also home to the country’s best museums, auditoriums, bars, and theatres.


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