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Airlines are now an accessible source of travelling. They have made commuting easy and comfortable for everyone. While in an air flight you might see many people causing disturbance to other passengers and the others either complaining or bearing the nuisance. To ensure, we are responsible co-passengers, it is important to know what our duties as a in an air flight are. So, that we do out bit.

Don’t take up all the space

 There is limited leg room and baggage space. We are not the only passengers on-board. Everyone must try and stick to their allotted seats. The luggage space is already too little and people end up taking more than is required. Also, recline your seats only up to a certain level to ensure you do not make the other passenger uncomfortable or cringe for space. Try not to take up all the arm rest space and be decent enough to share it. Book you cheap flight tickets on CheapFareGuru and remember to be responsible.

Don’t talk too much

 Not every wants to know your story, thus, talk only as much needed and always mind your tone. There are passengers who like to sleep, read, listen to music, or even complete work. Talking too much disturbs their peace and makes the journey uncomfortable and uneasy. Try and bring some work for yourself, listen to music on your headphones, and if you want to do none of these then you can take a short refreshing nap.

Respect the cabin crew

 Every person on the plane is entitled to be respected by the other including the crew that serves you and makes your journey comfortable. The air hostesses have been instructed to stay cordial at all time, even when they are clearing your used plates and tissues. Thus, foremost you should be respectful towards them and no cause unnecessary problems. Do not misuse the bell button; instead ask for help only if needed and that too very politely.

 Enter and Exit in queues

 Some people feel the need to rush and push while boarding and getting off the plane. The seat numbers are already allotted, and once you are in the plane then why rush? When someone is taking down their luggage out of the overhead cabin then be righteous and pause while he takes out the bag.  This way everything happens smoothly and no one is hurt in the process.

We at CheapFareGuru believe that everyone should understand their responsibilities as a co-passenger in an air flight and make the journey comfortable for everyone.



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