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We or those around us have all been guilty of this. That’s right we are talking about missing a flight. We often hear of people missing their flight, but they have no idea what comes next or what options lay in front of them. Don’t sweat, here’s what you should do if you miss a flight:

First things first – DON’T PANIC  

If you are going to panic, you’ll only make matters worse for you as you will lose clarity to think logically about the way forward. Remember it’s ok to miss your flight. Yes, you could have taken the timings of am for pm. Maybe, you were stuck in a traffic jam due to some strikes on the streets. It’s fine, don’t worry about being judged or even judging yourself. It’s time to think simple and straight.

Speak to the ground staff or airline authorities

Make sure you speak to someone from the airline staff in case you missed your flight. They will lay all possible options in front of you. This means putting You on the next flight or finding some other connecting flight. If you have a flexible ticket, well it is your lucky day. You still can change your itinerary without being charged heavily. In case you are on those low-cost carriers, get ready to shell out a few bucks from your pocket.

Remember the flat tire rule 

Not many people are aware that if you arrive within two hours of missing your flight with a valid reason or proof, you can request for a waiver of an additional fee or charge on your ticket. Some airlines have this unwritten rule and would be willing to help you out if your reason is genuine. All the best!

Inform the hotel 

You don’t want a double whammy by paying extra for a new ticket and hotel. If you have missed your flight, you should inform the hotel so that they can waive the fee or not send their staff to receive you from the airport.

Travel insurance can be handy  

Some travel insurance plans can be really handy as they have provisions to compensate you for the expenses incurred by you for missing a flight. Read the policy thoroughly and have all the documentation and proof ready for verification by the travel insurance company. If they find your reasons valid then you can afford to smile even if you missed your flight because the company will compensate you for your loss.

Wondering the best place to buy tickets and hotels? 

Don’t worry, with Cheapfareguru, get the cheapest air tickets and travel offers. Not just that, we also provide complete assistance in case of any emergency or unforeseen circumstances like missing your flight. So, the next time you travel, make sure these points are on your travel list too. Happy Journey!

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