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Saving your hard-earned money is one of the smartest things to do in your life. You want to save some pennies on every given opportunity. But is it easy to save some money while booking a flight ticket? The answers are both yes and no, depending on how smart and calculative you are. Pocketing some super cheap flights is both easy and difficult, again depending on your approach. Are you taking the right steps? Are you searching for cheap flights on the right websites? How practical and realistic you are in your approach to bag a cheap air ticket. These are some important questions about your efforts to getting super cheap tickets. Here are a few practically possible and realistic tips for finding the budget-friendly air tickets.

  1. Search your flight tickets in incognito mode:

You won’t get to hear about this trick all the time. It is one of the biggest secrets that can increase the possibility of getting flight tickets at surprisingly low rates. If you are repeatedly searching flights on a particular route, your browser will start scaring you with a possible hike in the fares. Your browser saves your search data using the cookies, and you may notice a significant increase in the air tickets every time you check the fare. So, if you want to bag super cheap plane tickets, the first thing you must have to do is to search your flights in private or incognito mode.

Depending on the browser you are using, there are different methods of turning on the incognito mode. You can check it in the settings of your browser.

  • Use the top flight search engines:

Yes, you heard it right! There are a few search engines especially developed for flight search, fare comparisons, and the best possible fares on different routes. Using these special search engines can make it very much possible to grab the super cheap international flights. You can rely on top-flight search engines like Skyscanner, CheapOair, Momondo, AirFare Watchdog, and etc. Anyone of these search engines should be enough for you, but you can use all of them to get the best results on super cheap flights.

  • Mark the calendar with cheapest days to fly:

It is another tried and tested the formula to fly at reasonably cheap fares. Although Tuesday is considered as one of the cheapest days of the week to travel, it might not be true for your favorite route. You can visit Skyscanner to analyze the cheapest days of the month to fly, but if you want more specific results, you can keep checking the fares throughout the month. It will give you a more clear and specific idea on the cheapest days of the month to fly.

  • Look for the budget airlines:

Grabbing the super cheap airline tickets can be easily possible if you are booking your tickets from befriend budget airlines. Numerous budget airlines are offering cheaper flight tickets in comparison to their full-service counterparts. If you want to book tickets from these airlines, you have to compromise a bit on services and comfort. There are lesser leg rooms in these budget flights, and you may have to give up on free meals as well. Some of the budget airlines in the United States and Canada are Air Canada Rouge, Swoop, Jetlines, Sun Country Airlines, WOW Air, Frontier, and Allegiant Air etc. If you are ready to compromise a little on the services and comfort, these budget flights are highly recommended for you.

  • Take benefits of student discounts:

Being a student is always a wonderful thing, and you get special benefits in almost every government and private services. If you are a student with a valid college ID card, there are plenty of discounts for you. You can directly get 20 to 30% discounts on normal fares, and you can easily get the super cheap airline tickets. Numerous travel agents are always ready to help students in finding cheap flights. Don’t overlook your power as a student! If you are, get the maximum benefits you can.

  • Book your tickets well in advance:

Booking airline tickets in advance is also a successful way to pocket super cheap plane tickets. Advance booking doesn’t mean you have to book far, far in advance. The most suitable gap between your booking and journey date is 6 to 8 weeks. If you are sure enough about your journey, booking in advance is always a great thing, and it can help you to get super cheap flights.

Finding super cheap airline tickets is all about being smart and flexible. If you are smart enough to book at the right time, there is no reason you can’t get a super money saving deal. These are some tried and tested methods of getting discounted air tickets. Be smart, be flexible, travel smartly, and save your money!

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