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Are you planning a trip with kids? If so, is it an international one? If the answer to the last 2 questions is yes, then read on to know more about travelling to International locations with kids. Now, travelling with kids anywhere in the world is not an easy task. However, these points given below should actually help you in your travel.

Keep a tab on vaccines: Now, kids and vaccines go hand in hand. So, when you are planning to buy plane tickets, ensure that you have adequate time to get their vaccines up to date. Ideally, visit your paediatrician at least 3 months prior to the flight. This will ensure that there is enough time to get the vaccines and also to space them out.

Check the passports: Do not solely rely on your memory. Ensure, that you double check the passports and their valid till date. Also, it is a prudent practice, to make copies of your passport and keep them with you in your baggage in case you lose them.

Look for Students Discount: When travelling with kids, ensure that you check on flights that offer student plane tickets.  These flights in order to promote kids travelling are known to offer students discounts as a result the student airfare is at a rebate. This will actually help you to save some money while booking the tickets.

Buy / pack Ammunition for the flight: When you are planning to travel in long International flights, ensure that you have packed enough ammunition to engage the kids for the long haul ahead. Keep things that interest them like crayons, legos, and toys and so on handy. Also, a lot of kids are known to feel cranky while travelling so ensure that you have a constant supply of chocolates Knick knacks that they enjoy eating. Also, keep these things with you in your hand luggage as you never know when the demand for one might arise.

Teach those manners: Often the state of a fellow passenger who is sitting next to the kid is one to sympathize with.  It is important to teach kids basic manners that will come handy while travelling like saying words like – Thank you, Sorry, excuse me and so on. Also to listen to music on the headphone and not on full volume and so on. Also, to tell you in advance as to when they need to use the loo. Remember, it is your job to ensure that your fellow passenger does not feel any discomfort thanks to your kids.

Tag along their comfort toy: Every child will have a comfort toy or blanket. Ensure that you pack along one when travelling to ensure the child does not feel afraid or miss home. Ensure, that when you are doing air ticket booking, you check with the airlines company as to what is the baggage allowance so, that you can pack accordingly.

Keep the above points in mind, so that you do not feel any trouble or hindrance during international flights with kids.

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