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Everybody wants to travel to far away exotic destinations but expensive air flight tickets make them reconsider their decision. A smarter way to travel is by finding cheap flight deals. We at CheapFareGuru are here to help you bag the best flight deals and get those cheap air tickets.


Online myths

There are a ton of myths that are floating around on the internet and we are here to shatter them for you. No one gets better flight deals on Tuesdays or on incognito mode. Airlines these days have smart and advanced software that detects holidays and peak times. So, the software outsmarts these age old tricks.


Fly off-season

The air flight ticket fares depend immensely on the long weekends, festivals, and holidays. The algorithm will show you higher air flight ticket prices when a majority of population is bound to travel. Try and be flexible with your dates and its best to avoid times like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Find places and visit them when it’s not their season time, that way you will find cheap flight deals. Check out CheapFareGuru to know about cheapest days to fly.


Take layover flights

It is cheaper on the pocket if you take a layover flight rather than choosing a non-stop flight. For instance, rather than taking a direct air flight for Paris costing $900 USD, go to Dublin for $600, and then to Paris for $60. This is a time consuming process but you end up saving a huge sum of money. Always keep minimum 3 hours’ difference between two air flights to spare you the horror of missed air flights. CheapFareGuru makes the online flight booking process easy for its users.


Stay updated on special deals

Once you sign up on their mailing list, a lot of websites will keep you posted on the special flight deals that the airlines offer. Some flight deals last only 24 hours and you end up saving hundreds of dollars. Frequent travelers get bonus as good as free business class tickets. And if you end up making a last minute plan then you can check out CheapFareGuru for cheap last minute flight deals too.


Don’t book too early

A smart traveler doesn’t wait to book air flight tickets till the last minute, but it is also foolish to book it way in advance. The right time to strike a deal is around 6-8 weeks prior to your holiday. This is the time when the airlines fluctuate their prices according to the demand.



If you try and keep these tricks in mind, then you will surely find yourself spending more on your vacation rather than on your air flight tickets.

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