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  • What the heck is international travel insurance policy?

It’s an emergency care plan when things accidentally go wrong. Depending on the insurance policy you buy, your insurance plan can be there for you when your luggage is lost somehow by the airline, pop an eardrum scuba diving, when you fall hiking, get a parasite internationally, or you may need to cancel or cut your trip short because of any misshapen in the family.


  • Will The travel insurance Policy Provide Coverage in All Countries?

If you are planning to travel to multiple countries during your vacation – like a world tour – it is preferable to buy a travel insurance plan that provides insurance coverage in your entire landing place. There are many types of insurance policies that provide individual coverage and in different countries.


  • Are the adventure activities covered in your travel insurance policy?

If you are going on a holiday where you will be having fun and the adventure activities, then you must check whether your insurance policy is going to cover it or not. Some activities are considered as ‘high risk’ sports, wherein chances of getting injured while your trip is higher.


  • Okay, but it’s like a health insurance plan too, right?

International Travel insurance policy is not a substitution for health insurance policy and should not be used as such. It’s there for unpredicted emergencies. Pop an eardrum? Break a leg? Get food poisoning or dengue? Your Travel insurance policy has you covered. If you want to go see a doctor for a physical or get a new crown on your tooth then you’re on your own!


  • How does the travel insurance plan work? Do they mail me a policy card I can show to the doctor?

If it’s a serious medical emergency requiring overnight hospitalization or emergency repatriation, then you or someone else would want to contact the emergency response team and they can help you make arrangements and approve medical costs.


  • I read reviews online mostly. All these insurance companies suck. What’s up with that?

Most people don’t even read the fine print of their insurance policy. (Anyone has ever read their iTunes agreement? Absolutely.)  People just buy a policy, they don’t even bother to read the exact wording, and make their own assumptions about insurance coverage. So, when something goes wrong on the trip, they scream badly when something isn’t covered under the policy or when lacking supporting documents to support their insurance claim and write an awful review online.


  • I got drunk and hurt myself. Will I be covered under the plan?

Perhaps not. If you are doing something silly, travel insurance companies will always want to know if putting yourself at unneeded risk which led to the injury. If, after inspection, insurance company find you did, your insurance company can deny your claim.



  • I’m a senior citizen. What should I do?

Travel Insurance companies don’t like covering seniors citizens as they see them as high risk, thus it’s a lot dense for senior citizen travelers to find complete coverage.


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