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Every year, thousands of students across the world acquire emergency medical insurance to protect themselves from any kind of unwanted medical condition. International student health insurance provides illness and accident expenses protection. International student health insurance also helps students to find a doctor or hospital and pay for students’ treatment.

Students from foreign countries who have been studying in the USA are not allowed to register for classes if they don’t have students’ health insurance. Some universities sponsor student health insurance that meets their requirements and students are not allowed to take health insurance from third-party. However, you can buy international student health insurance from a non-sponsor insurance company if it fulfils the basic requirement.

What is international student health insurance?

Health insurance is a protection plan for those students who are going to study in the foreign land, especially in the USA. U.S citizen or non-U. S citizens, both are mandated to have international student health insurance before flying to a foreign country. Moreover, if a U.S citizen wants to pursue outside of U.S.A, some U.S based companies also provide cover even if a student is flying to the Schengen area.


Advantages of Student Health Insurance

  • Student health insurance covers emergency dental treatment and dental surgery.
  • Your insurer will also help you to evacuate from across the USA if you are stuck in a remote location. If you are in a remote location and get sick or get injured, then you would need emergency medical attention.
  • Your insurer will also provide cover against terrorist attacks. Most insurance companies would provide you protection against terrorist attacks. Note that, not all companies provide you protection against terrorist attacks. So, if you are choosing student insurance with no protection against terrorists, then you should avoid some places.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions will be covered but after 6 months of your policy term.
  • You can enjoy a long and comprehensive list of the travel, medical and non-medical expenses that are available in your student insurance.
  • Coverage tenure is need-based and you can extend from 1 year to 3 years.
  • Student insurance allows you to modify your plan according to requirements.
  • The package is available at a low and affordable cost, perfect for those who are planning to study in the USA or any other foreign land universities.


Potential Blocks in Coverage

  • War or nuclear attack is not covered.
  • Expenses that can be attributed to drug use, abuse, or alcohol.
  • Any claims that are related to hazardous activities that are not covered.
  • Suicide attempt or self-injury is not covered.
  • Student health insurance also does not cover HIV and AIDS.

We wish you a better future while you are out of your land for studying. Note one thing. Along with applying for a visa or booking ticket, secure yourself against medical conditions because un-insured or non-covered medical treatment can be expensive.

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