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Missed your flight? Imagine having your airplane tickets booked, hotel bookings are done, transportation sorted but you could not make it to the flight! The situation is a nightmare and one must know what to do if you missed your flight.

Do not panic

When you realize there is no way you will make it to the flight, you need to accept that it is what it is and panicking now will not make it any better. Instead, you could put all your energies to devise plans to ensure your entire trip doesn’t suffer and to find a way to get to the airport, if possible.

Call the Airline

The foremost thing to do is to call the airline local helpdesk and inform them about the situation if you are not at the airport. You might be required to pay a change fee and price difference for getting the next flight. In case you are already there, talk to the agent or ticketing representatives and ask them for available options for your case. Be polite and explain the situation and request them to help you get the best alternative possible.

Use the Flat Tire Rule

Not very publicized but some airlines such as Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines offer this. As per the rule, if you were delayed in catching your flight because of circumstances outside your control and you make it to the airport within two hours of flight departure, the airline can waive the change fee and other charges and give you the next available flight. Be polite and also inform them of any membership status if you have.

Inform the Connecting Flights

If there is a chance that you will miss your connecting flight because you missed the first flight, then you should inform the connecting flight carrier and let them know the situation and ask for best options available to plan ahead. In case, you made it to first flight but missed the connecting one, the airline usually makes you standby on the next flight. Be careful with your baggage and keep the airlines informed as to when you’ll pick them up in case of delay.

Notify your Hotel

If missing your flight will cause you to cancel your booking, check-in late or early then you must notify the hotel well in advance so that they can prepare accordingly.

Check your Insurance Policy

Some insurance companies offer to reimburse all expenses incurred upon missing a flight provided you give significant proves of the delay being caused due to factors outside your control. If you happen to have such a policy in place, remember to file for a claim.

While no one wants to encounter a missed flight scene, it is a reality and hence, it is better to be aware of the options than to repent later.

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