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Itadakimasu, a famous Japanese phrase before every meal. It means I have received food. And speaking of receiving food, Japan is one non-stop gourmet ride. Dish after dish, street after street. Thinking where to begin, don’t worry, here’s the menu for you:

Tendon, when Tempura met Donburi

Tendon is the go-to comfort food in Tokyo. It’s quick and packs a punch. Fresh deep fried seafood in sesame oil, which is placed on a bed of rice simmered with vegetables and some light Japanese sauces and spices.

Noodle fun with Tsukemen

The word Tsukemen means dipping noodles. Unlike traditional Ramen noodles, which you eat with the broth, this one comes separately. All you have to do is to drop those Ramen noodles into the broth so you can slurp it up. This dish was invented in the 1960s by a famous Japanese chef and quickly gained a popularity that’s why it’s right here, in our list.

Abura Soba, greasy or not, they are tasty

The literate translation of this means oily noodles. The good news, it’s not as oily as you think. These are not your typical Japanese Ramen as they are soupless. Yes, they are coated with a bit of sauce and oil, which gives this dish its name.

Monjayaki, pancake anyone

Pancake lovers, you’ll love this one. It’s a shimmery and zesty pancake, which makes an excellent breakfast food, It’s gooey melted cheese-like form factor will get your mouth watering and firing your hunger pangs on all cylinders.

Fukagawa Meshi, from sea to plate

A fisherman’s staple food once upon a time, this dish combines rice, tofu, green onions and a broth of clams. Today, people in Tokyo and Japan drool over it.

Tokyo Buns, feel the warmth of Japan in every bite

Tokyo is not just about noodles and broth, there’s plenty of wheat and bread on display. Bread became a popular dish after World War 2. And believe it or not, today more Japanese eat breads than rice. Not just that, Japanese, being the innovators they are, have even started baking their very own breads.

Chanko Nabe, for the Sumo wrestler in you

Forget your protein shakes, this dish packs plenty of proteins. In fact, Sumo wrestlers eat this dish in large bowls as it is made with chicken stock on a hotpot. Did you know chicken is a symbol of victory in Japan? Taste is definitely a winner here.

Sushi, need we say more?  

Japan and sushi are taken in the same breath these days. It is probably the greatest culinary export of Japan. What was once a street food, is now a top dish in the most exclusive restaurants and bars across the globe.

Go for Anago

Anago is a seawater eel, which is moist, tender and delicate. It makes an excellent Tempura snack or even wrapped into a sushi. Try it with the local sauce like the sweet and tangy Kabayaki Sauce or the Shirayaki sauce.

Omurice, its eggs on rice

A portmanteau of rice and omelet, this is the humble comfort food. It’s nice fluffy omelet stuffed with fried rice and a dash of ketchup or local Japanese sauce.

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