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What does zero waste mean?

This is a way of life with the main propose of producing as little waste as possible. This can be easy achieved by making small changes in our daily use products. We can try and use reusable good and things that are not made of non-degradable material.

As a traveller we have a responsibility towards nature and one of it is how and what we pack. To reduce the waste, we should pack toiletries and essentials which produce zero waste. These days it is easy to find organic and eco-friendly goods either in the market or online. Our small steps will turn into major changes in the future. We have exploited our resources to the point of degradation and extinction. We at CheapFareGuru have compiled a list of the best toiletries for travel with zero waste.

Reusable bags

We tend to travel with plastic bags in our suitcases. We keep them to store our small basic necessities or keep them for wet clothes and then throw them away after every use. Rather than packing inside plastic bags we must buy thick material bags which can be put to use on many travels. There are bags that also let you keep your dripping wet bathing suits and towels and not make the other things wet. We can buy a bag to keep our shoes, makeup, toiletries, and carry it with us on all our travels. A few brands also have schemes that clean a portion of worlds garbage on every purchase of their item.

Eco-friendly toiletries

People these days have become conscious of the products that they use. Many of us want to use organic products made through eco-friendly methods, products that don’t harm the nature and animals in their production and packaging. Here a few things that you can use: chewable toothpaste, biodegradable wipes, organic makeup products, natural soap, and shampoo bars.

Avoid plastic

We should try and avoid plastic wherever we can. There are many alternatives available in the market these days. For example: carry your own wooden cutlery instead of plastic disposables, sporks instead of two separate forks and spoons, carry cloth napkins or handkerchiefs over paper napkins, metal reusable straws over plastic ones, metal razors, and bamboo toothbrushes.

These toiletries might not be fancy but these small changes will save our mother earth.

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