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Everyone knows that sharp items, guns, and fireworks are not allowed in an airplane flight. But very few know that a lot of outside food items are also not allowed on the airplane flight. We at CheapFareGuru bring you this knowledge and also provide you with cheap flight tickets and best flight deals.


First let’s talk about the food that you are not allowed to carry with you on-board. The Transportation Security Administration has set out a list of food that is banned on the airplane flight. The list includes all types of liquids and gel based food. All the alcoholic beverages, spreads and dips, salad dressings, any type of syrup, jam and jellies, no oils, and other spill-able items. You can carry ice packs only if they haven’t turned liquid at the time of security check in.

All the food items that are on the “allowed” list will be thrown away they are not securely packed or the packaging is tampered with at the check-in booth or If the alarm gets triggered at any point before reaching the plane. Gift baskets and packages that contain the prohibited food items will not be allowed past the check-in point. In matters like these the Transportation Security Administration has the final say over the permission to be granted or not.  All these items can be sent in the check-in baggage. You have an option to put your banned food items in the checking in bags, after you are told to throw them, but only if the bags haven’t been sent forward.


After reading the items on the prohibited list one tends to feel disappointed. But don’t worry the items that you are allowed to carry with you will fulfil your hungry stomach. If you are someone who does not like to spend much on the airplane food, then you can carry these eatables with you. The list includes fruits and vegetables, sliced and cut fruit, various cakes and pies, candies, meat, chips and cookies, granola bars, sandwiches, and cheese burgers. All the items are allowed only when they are securely wrapped or boxed in spill proof containers. All beverages that you buy from the duty-free stores are allowed with you on-board. The items on the allowed list have to go through additional screening. Liquids and bottles beyond the 3.4oz limit are prohibited with you on board.

So, the next time you buy flight tickets for the holiday, while packing – keep only the allowed food items to ensure you get through the security hassle-free.

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