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Happy holidays with happy fares for you

Christmas is almost knocking on our doorstep. The festive season has a lot in store for us like parties, dinners, games, fun and spending time with your loved ones. Everyone looks forward to the Christmas holidays every year. If you’re planning to be with your friends and family this Christmas, here are 10 ways to find the cheapest Christmas flights. 

Be the early bird 

Start making travel plans not just weeks but months in advance. The trends have shown us every year that as we approach the festive season, the fares rise sky-high, which plummets our festive feeling.

Avoid the weekend flights 

Yes, weekend flights are far dearer than weekday flights. So, make sure you catch a flight between Tuesday and Thursday as these are the cheapest days to fly.

An extended layover 

Layovers are an important hack in the travel industry for finding cheap flight tickets. Though, you don’t want to waste your festive season in catching flights one after the other or lazying around at the airport. Instead, take a long layover in a city either before or after you are done with Christmas so that you can spend ample time in that city before you catch the next flight. As a result, you get to enjoy your holidays and live an adventure in a new city.

You could get lucky on Christmas Day  

Couldn’t book a flight or holiday due to meetings and appointments at work? Don’t worry, you could still get lucky. Flights on Christmas day are cheaper than the week before or after. Yes, you might not have plans to spend your Christmas at the airport but on the bright side, you will find cheaper tickets and lesser crowds at the airport or on the flight.

Check for the Flights and Hotels Combo  

Unless you are staying with family and friends, it won’t be a bad idea to book flights and hotels together as you often get great combo deals for the Christmas holidays.

The airports could be a steal

Look at alternative airports at your destination. Avoid international airports, which usually have large crowds and are more expensive. Instead, you can get cheaper flight tickets by landing at regional or domestic airports, which are usually well-connected by the low-cost carriers. For example, take the Long Beach Airport instead of Los Angeles International Airport. A small hack for the festive season ahead.

 Travel deals are a big deal 

Sometimes ignore the destination and just head for the best travel deals. Yes, we all want to go to all prime locations at Christmas like Miami, Florida but you might get better flight deals and packages at Fort Myers, which is also in the same state.

The timing makes all the difference 

Catch an early morning or late night flight to avoid the large crowds at the airport in the Christmas season. Time is short during the festive season, why waste it in airport check-ins and security checks. All’s well that begins early.

Get alerts in a tap 

These days, plenty of airlines and travel apps offer you Christmas travel alerts. All you have to do is sign up for these alerts at the tap of a button on your phone.

The last but the best 

Be it Christmas or any other festival, always get the best travel deals and cheapest airfares on Cheapfareguru.

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