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If you are a frequent flyer then chances are that you already all the tricks of the trade. Still, in case you missed them out or never thought of it, here are some hacks that will help you to book cheap flight tickets.

Book Late night Flights: Flights that take off past midnight, are known as Red Eye Flights. These flights are way cheaper than the other flights .So, if you want to save some money, ensure that you go for the cheap red eye flights. These flights are always cheaper than the rest even in peak season.

Do a well-researched search: There are many online portals that allow you to search amongst all the flights available and choose the one that is most suitable and cheap. So, ensure that you actually do a flight search before freezing on the ticket to ensure that you do not miss out on any good deal.

Keep a tab on last minute tickets: Well, agreed it is more of a gamble but there are some portals that do offer cheap last minute flights. The concept is a few hours before taking off when the airlines company realizes that there are still a few empty seats, they prefer to offload the tickets  at a dirt cheap price. This way one gets cheap last minute tickets. However, please understand that such is not the case always.

Always stick to one Airlines: If you are a frequent traveller, ensure that you stick to one airlines. This has many benefits. Firstly, if you are loyal to an airlines company then at times, they might want to reward you by upgrading your flight ticket. Secondly, each airlines offers miles to their customers. Since, you ae a frequent flyer you will actually be accumulating more points. These points can be redeemed to buy tickets for the airlines from time to time. So, you actually end up saving money thanks to your loyalty.

Try various dates: If your plans are yet not frozen, then you can actually look for air fares one or two days before and after the date you are planning to book. Chances are that you will actually get a cheaper ticket by doing so and also end up saving some money.

Use Booking Portals: There are many booking portals or websites that actually offer you various discounts from time to time. Ensure, that whenever you are using these portals, you are availing the various discounts and codes to get the best deals and also to save some moolah.

Check credit card tie ups: If you have a credit card on you then you will see they offer various schemes on flight bookings. Right from discounts to cash backs, in order to attract their customers they come up with these special deals and schemes from time to time. Ensure, that you actually have browsed through their schemes in order to avail them.

These are a few of the ways that you can save money and buy cheap tickets in case you are a frequent flyer.

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