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The most common reaction upon spotting a cheap flight tickets price – is exhilaration, hurriedness to book air flights right away without a delay. While most often, in excitement we forget to check for certain important factors before booking cheap flight tickets. Though the air fare prices are low, there are some services and comfort you cannot do away with, and while booking flight tickets, one must ensure that all essentials needed are covered in the airfare price. CheapFareGuru lists certain things you should know before booking cheap flight tickets.

What all does the cheap flight ticket cost cover?

Before you rush away to book air flights, verify what is included in the cheap flight ticket price. Most cheap flight tickets would cover only basic reservation of seat and do not include any baggage, meal, or in-flight entertainment. In some cases, cheap flight tickets might involve e placing your hand luggage under the seat.

Which airport is the air flight from?

Most often, cheap flight tickets offer low airfare prices because the air flights included fly from airports that are not popular or widely accessed by people. These airports are generally smaller, less famous, and could also be located outside the city, in which case you would need to travel more than usual to reach the airport. Thus, always know the airport assigned in the cheap flight tickets to avoid last minute hassles.

What are the air flight timings?

Another important thing to know is what time is the air flight at? Most of these airlines that offer cheap flight tickets provide air flights at odd timings such as early morning or late night air flights. Or could even have air flights from less known airports that can be located outside the city. Hence, it is best to know the timings in advance to which you must add the required time to reach the airport and assess its feasibility.

What are your rights?

No matter, cheap flight tickets or expensive ones, you must know your rights as a traveler. You must know things such as refund in case of cancellation or delay on the airlines’ part, safety of travel, etc. and the process to claim refund if need be. Though in case of cancellation of air flight due to poor weather conditions, political uprising, or medical emergency – no airline will refund the flight ticket cost.

Keep these essential things in mind before booking cheap flight tickets and planning your holiday.

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