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The Bahamas is a tropical paradise in the Caribbean nation. There are indigo-colored beaches, the aqua-blue skies and the white sand basking in the sunshine. Imagine, there are 700 unique islands, which form the Bahamas. Excited? Here are 5 more reasons to be at the Bahamas right now: 

All-clear and all-weather destination   

The Bahamas is an exotic getaway, which means the weather is clear throughout the year. It is the perfect winter getaway for people who would like to escape the winter with the temperatures rarely touching 60° F. Perfect for those who are looking to soak up the sun and the fun in the outdoors.

 Go bananas over food at the Bahamas 

The Bahamas offer plenty in terms of natural beauty and culinary delights. When here, you have got to try the Conch, which is a shellfish and the national food of the island. The locals have experimented with it in practically everything, from pizzas to fritters and even soup. But that’s not all, there’s plenty to eat at the Bahamas, right from upscale restaurants to bohemian cafes and street food. There’s food for every kind of traveler.

 Experience the fiesta at the Junkanoo Carnival 

There is much more to explore than just the sand, surf and waves. You can dive into the culture of Bahamas at the annual Junkanoo Carnival, which happens at the island of Nassau every year. It starts at the end of April and goes all the way to May. Nearly, 50,000 people crowd to glimpse the local cultural musical gigs, dance performances and live entertainment. It’s one non-stop party during the Junkanoo Carnival.

 Get beneath the surface  

If you thought those cool blue waves on the surface are tempting in the Bahamas, there’s plenty of action below the waves. The marine ecosystem and species in this part of the world will blow your mind. There are reefs and shipwrecks for you to test your underwater skills. You might not find a treasure like in the movies but you will treasure the memories forever of this exotic island.

 A shopping paradise awaits you

You normally don’t associate shopping with the Bahamas but expect the unexpected here with plenty of shopping hubs waiting for you. Pick up handicrafts by the local artisans at great prices. Yes, your bargaining skills will be very handy here. Stroll across the islands as you discover thousands of products.

 Luxury galore 

Paradise comes at a price, which is visible here. The Bahamas have some of the most luxurious and premium hotels in the world. You might catch a celebrity or two at these properties. Don’t forget to visit The Cove Atlantis at Paradise Island, which looks like a hotel straight out of a fantasy book.

 Want to head to the Bahamas?

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