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Sometimes you spend days in a city but yet you don’t feel the connect with it. And then there are moments when a stopover at a destination for a few hours feel like gold. Helsinki is one of those cities which you shouldn’t miss even if it means just 48 hours. There’s so much to do here:

Day One

Try Finnish Sauna

Tired after your flight? Here’s what you need to do. Head to Loyly, a large public sauna with spectacular architecture and a restaurant too. For 19 Euros, you can enjoy the next 2.5 hours with 3 types of Saunas. Take your pick.

Fuel up

Do you know Finnish are the largest coffee consumers in the world? They also have a great taste of aesthetics, design and ambience, which is also seen in their coffee. There is a café at every nook and cranny of the city. Try Johan & Nyström, a chic café with a comfy environment and well-trained baristas.

Head to the Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral is like the jewel in the city’s crow. Made in the 1800s, you’ll still marvel at its sheer size and peerless architecture even after 200 years. Unlike most cathedrals in Europe, this one does not have tons of gold and jewels on the outside. To avoid the crowd, it’s best to visit in late afternoon for all those selfies.

Window shopping

You can stroll around town for some window shopping at two of the best areas in Helsinki. The design district and the Esplanade. Over here, you’ll find an impressive panoply of high-end boutiques, top retail brands and hotels.

Diner time  

Best places to eat in Helsinki – Resturant Ask, Sandro and Café Regatta. These places offer the best of Finnish flavors, which are relished by the rest of the world.

Late night booze

Try heading to the Ateljee bar, which has a wonderful combo of buy one drink and get a view of the city free. Yes, being a rooftop bar, it offers you the best seats in the house.

Day 2

Morning Helsinki

It’s time to head to the Helsinki harbor, which offers the finest view, brew and breakfast. It’s the nerve-center of the business and residential districts.

Pick up something fresh 

At the Kauppatori market in Helsinki, you’ll get a line-up of locally grown produce, artworks, mementos and even giftware. But what’s even more impressive it its local sweets and street food, which is a nom-nom experience.

Find art treasures

Helsinki has an artsy vibe thanks to two beautiful museums, which includes the Amos Anderson Art Museum and the Helsinki Art Museum Tennis Place. The paintings, installations and artworks is a beautiful collection of storytelling about the times, ethos and culture of the Nordic region and culture.

Bar hopping

Helsinki has plenty of enigmatic watering holes. Start with Bar Molotow, an abstract bar with a bizarre décor. Next head to Rytmi, a dated cafe with art exhibitions on the walls and music gigs in the evening. Last stop, Stadin Panimo, a microbrewery which serves plenty of seasonal delights like the Cascadian Dark Ale.

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