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What is better than dollars saved? Well, if you ask a majority of people, they would say nothing is better and to save money is the best feeling ever. While this is applicable to many aspects of life, one such is buying of airplane tickets. All of us want to grab the best flight deals, get cheap flight tickets, or the lowest airfare possible – no matter how you put it – at the core all you need is to save money on your plane tickets. And we at CheapFareGuru understand that need, and hence bring to you some of the finest ways to get the best airline ticket deals possible.

Select a clever flight finder: The platform sued to search for air flights is very critical to determine the cost of the international air tickets. Hence, it is best to use aggressive and clever flight finder such as CheapFareGuru to grab best flight deals. CheapFareGuru provides guarantee low airfare prices to a host of international destinations. Also remember to search for flight tickets in incognito mode so that you do not witness sudden splurge in air ticket prices due to excess demand.

Follow the golden rule – Be flexible

Flexibility is really the governing rule of cheap flight tickets. The higher flexibility you offer the lower airfare prices you can grab. So, be open about your dates of travel – choose undesirable days such as weekdays particularly Tuesdays and Wednesdays; avoid travelling during peak season such as the –day of the holiday, etc. Also, you should opt for red eye flights – dead flights that take off on non-desirable timings such as late nights or early mornings.

Choose alternate airports

Another trick that can get you cheap airfare is opting to travel by less popular airports where everyone else is travelling from too. The alternate airports are usually quieter with cheap flight tickets and could be located outside your travel comfort zone, hence; always evaluate this option carefully before booking your flight tickets.

Compare Flight Prices and book within the ‘Prime Window’

Compare flight prices and do not blindly book the first flight ticket that pops up your search results; compare flight prices that may be not the cheapest but have better service coverage, baggage inclusion, etc. Also, set up price alerts and analyze highs/lows before booking. Roughly, a compared flight ticket booking can save you more than $100.

Also, monitored advance flight booking guarantees cheap airfare prices. So, book your domestic flights 70-80 days and international air tickets 60 days before departure.

Use special status and redeem loyalty points

Another trick that can work to your advantage is to use your special status, if any – such as student, military, teachers, elderly, etc. – while booking flight tickets. Competitive flight finders such as CheapFareGuru offer best flight deals for different categories.

Be sure to grab the best flight deals if you follow these tricks. Happy Travelling!

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