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Travel is a form of recreation of families. Now days, life is so uncertain that it is imperative that we opt for a travel insurance when travelling. Gone are the days, when travel insurance was an optional feature. In the current scenario, it is imperative that we all have a travel insurance in our kitty when travelling. Now, as a layman the concept of travel insurance might not be clear. Even when you are booking domestic flights, travel insurance is important. Here are a couple of thing that you need to keep in mind when opting for a travel insurance.

Trip Expenses: Check how expensive the policy is and whether it covers your trip expenses. Check the norms in case your trip gets deferred or even cancelled. Keep this in mind when opting for air ticket booking.

Charges for Medical treatment: Ensure that your travel policy also covers your medical expenses. It makes a lot of sense to declare from before the list of pre-existing ailments you have. After all, in case you fall ill in a foreign land then you must be adequately covered for treatment.

Add ons: When you are looking for a travel insurance, keep an eye on the add on’s . In case, you are travelling with expensive item like jewellery, you need to ensure that the same is covered in your policy. Also, another important rider that must be part of your policy is reimbursement in case of loss of wallet or passport. The policy should mention that on a daily basis you will get a daily allowance till your new passport comes in this case. You can actually compare these ride on features before buying the policy. There are many websites thathelps you to compare the features and make an informed decision about the policy you might want to take. When you are opting for online flight booking check that the travel insurance included has add on.

Adventure Sports coverage: In case, your travel plans include some adventurous activities like paragliding and bungee jumping, then you need to ensure that your travel insurance policy also covers the same. Naturally, in this case the flight cost (inclusive of travel insurance) will be more than the usual one’s.

Read the fine print: When zeroing onto travel policy, you need to keep in mind the fine prints. Read finished the finer points like validity of the policy and also the coverage it provides. Also, check in case of an emergency will you get cash less benefit or do you need to pay first and then get same .reimbursed. Ideally, you need to look through these finer points and then take an informed decision.

Check the claim process: Remember an insurance company can make tall claims but at the time of reimbursement, if they do not offer seamless and quick settlement of claim then it makes no sense to go for them. Choose for a policy where the claims are settled at a quicker pace.

These are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when looking for a travel insurance. There are many sites that enables you to compare travel insurance policies and choose the best one and most appropriate one for your travel plans. Go through the listed options and decide on the most suitable one.

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