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How exciting is it to know that the trip that you have been waiting for so long is finally approaching in next few days and you are all set for a nice rejuvenating break which will not only refresh you but will also help explore a new town, a city or if you are rich enough then maybe a new country. All this requires packing a few bags. And nothing is more painful than paying a baggage fee. But it can be avoided by doing things a little smartly. Here are some ways on how you may avoid checking a bag:


Carry-On Bags

Thanks to a wide range of beautiful carry-on bags which come in various sizes and designs that you can now carry all your necessary stuff without having to actually carry a big suitcase. These smartly designed carry-on bags have many useful features such as space, wheels and can even fit in the in-flight cabin.



This one is my personal favorite. Simply because it has a lot of space, many easy slides up/down zips, pockets to even carry a water bottle, phone charger, and toiletries. The best part is you easily put it on your shoulder and are all set to go.


Choice of clothes

Well, ladies might not like this tip much but if you wish to save on the baggage fee then it is better to cut on your choice of clothes. Try and carry clothes that can look stylish and tidy even without ironing so that you can roll and fit them in easily. For example, how about packing some polo t-shirts, shorts or cargo pants. And nowadays, every nice hotel provides with ironing facility in your room. And at the end of the day, a little compromise won’t harm anyone, what say?


Use Packing Organizers

These days packing cubes or compression bags are readily available which allows you to keep your things organized and simple way better than an actual full-size suitcase. We mean we are going for a holiday which is supposed to relax our body and soul, not to stress ourselves with luggage and stuff.



It is one thing that actually many travelers can’t do without. But unfortunately, there’s a restriction on flight as you can only carry 100ml (3.4 oz) liquid in bottles. So, to manage this restriction, we suggest carrying long-lasting solid toiletries like lush shampoo bars, a natural crystal deodorant, a solid perfume lotion, sunblock, and more.


The whole idea behind avoiding a checking bag is not only baggage fees but also to save time at airports, reduce stress, avoid the fear of losing our checked baggage. With a small backpack, you not only save on time and money but are also ready for your next destination within a few minutes. 


We are sure with these small tips, you will be able to pack things quickly and tension freely the next time you plan your to travel internationally and will also feel elated on the idea of doing the packing. 


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