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Chicago is called the windy city thanks to the gusty winds of Lake Michigan. But there’s plenty more in the air at Chicago. The easy vibe, the delightful food and some great spots for all selfie lovers. Yes, if you are an Instagram fanatic, you better make your way down to Chicago as it has tons of spots to get more likes and followers. Some of the best sites in the city are:

Palm House: Garfield park observatory 

Also known as “landscape art under glass”, The Palm House is one of the largest greenhouse conservatories spanning over 4.5 acres of land. It contains species of plants from all over the world some as old as 200 years old. Year-round, visitors can enjoy the lush flora and tropical temperatures indoors. Breathe in the fresh aura of more than 10 acres of outdoor gardens, play spaces for children, and water lily ponds. Such scenic beauty makes it a great place to click those selfies and portraits along with the scenic greens in the background. This tops the list for one of the most Instagrammable places in Chicago.

3 Arts Club Café

Inside the 101-year-old Three Arts Club of Chicago building sits the café, which boasts a menu from Brendan Sodikoff. This place was home to women who wanted to pursue the three Arts – Music, Painting, and Drama. The building now hosts Restoration Hardware, one of the fanciest furniture stores in the USA. The furniture, arranged in rooms is set up to look like an actual home. The décor of this 70,000-square-foot, the six-floor spectacle is more like a museum than anything else. On the first-floor atrium, sits the crown jewel of the building, which is none other than the “3 Arts Club Café,” Surrounded by heritage olive trees, historic fountain and magnificent chandeliers, this place should be on the bucket list of every Instagram follower in Chicago.

Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park zoo

The Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo transforms a picturesque yet unsustainable urban pond from the 19th century into an ecological habitat buzzing with life. This new, natural ecosystem offers a haven for native birds, frogs, fish, turtles, insects and more. Nature Boardwalk has become a crucial, connective habitat for resident and migratory animal populations, a popular outdoor destination for city residents and visitors. With plenty of flora and fauna to marvel, it’s also a great place for shutterbugs on social media.

The Flamingo Mural

Among the so many reasons to fall in love with the city, the most significant one is the amazing Flamingo Mural of Chicago. It has all kinds of beautiful artworks and murals, which are painted across the city on walls, underpasses, bridges, buildings, stairways, etc. All in all, heaven for Instagram lovers.

The Willis Skydeck 

How about getting up 103 floors in the air and standing on a transparent sky deck that is 1,353 feet above Chicago? You’ll go wow looking at the cityscape from here. Plus it is ‘the’ place in Chicago to click Instagram images like a yoga pose in the air or lying down in the air pose. If you want to add to the adventure do a jump-in–the-air pose. The Skydeck will take your adventure sky high.

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