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The Middle East is definitely one of the most spectacular tourist destinations. The glorious architecture, wondrous landscapes, amazing food, and contrasting culture – makes the Middle East a very interesting place to visit. Though, for the people from the west, adapting and understanding the culture of the place could be slightly challenging. Hence, it is best to know some of the important travel etiquette tips when traveling to the Middle East to ensure you do not offend anyone and blend in perfectly.

Don’t argue in public places and markets

When shopping in the souks and markets of the Middle East, it is best to avoid any barter over price. If you are not interested in buying something, politely say ‘No, thank you’ and move on. Don’t entertain or engage in any argument. You never know what you are getting into!

Keep your temper in check

While losing temper is not considered good anywhere in the world, but specifically, in the Middle East, you could get arrested for it. In countries like Dubai, showing the middle finger, sticking your tongue out, abusing in public, or rash driving – can earn you a jail term.

Be careful about your dress

When in the Middle East, remember to dress conservatively. Since the Middle East is predominantly Muslim, it is best to avoid clothes that are too revealing or utterly casual. For men and women, both clothes such as crop tops, shorts, singlets, bikinis, etc. should be avoided.

Limit your physical contact

The Middle East is very conservative as compared to the west. Hence, it is best to limit your physical contact with people, even if that is with your partner. You could hold hands of your partner, but kissing, sitting on the lap, smooching, etc. are not encouraged and could lead to some serious action.

Understand the laws

Depending on which country you are visiting, it is important to understand and follow the laws of the land. In many of the countries, alcohol is prohibited, especially in public – so it is best to know of these laws and abide by them.

Know the dining etiquettes

In the Middle East, the dining etiquettes are very different from those of the west. Some activities such as blowing your nose, stretching your hand to another side of the table for food, leaving the table before coffee/tea, etc. – are considered rude. Though, picking your teeth after a meal is absolutely acceptable!

Respect the local religion

Though you might not understand it or relate to it as a tourist it is not in your purview to speak against the local religion or their practices. Instead, you should respect their culture, practices, and traditions. Also, important religious places should be treated with respect; remember to follow the guidelines of the sacred place such as mosques.

With an understanding of these travel etiquettes, you can now be sure to travel to the Middle East hassle-free and enjoy your trip. So, book your flight tickets on CheapFareGuru and have a great time; but just don’t forget to insure your trip through CheapFareGuru’s travel protection program that will cover your trip cancellation, trip delays, trip interruption, baggage delays, emergency medical expense, etc. You can also take the trip assistance service from CheapFareGuru, which provides various post-ticketing benefits.

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