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Like grooving to the beat of the song ‘Tokyo Drift’ by The Teriyaki Boyz? Well, we cannot deny, it did make Tokyo more famous!  The Japanese capital since 1869, this place is all worthy of a holiday because of its beauty, unique culture, and deliciously healthy food. Book your tickets on CheapFareGuru to discover this innovative city in all its glory and do eat your three perfect meals and dessert in Tokyo’s amazing places that we list below.


Greet the morning with some Japanese tea and grab your first budgeted meal of the day in Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market that opens as early as 8 in the morning. There are 39+ sushi restaurants; if you are lucky, you will be able to get a table at Daiwa Sushi that has people waiting since before dawn. If the waiting is too long, you could also fair very well at one of the stall foods in the market that serve rice with fresh chutoro tuna, for less than $10 dollars/person. You could also watch a live tuna auction from the Wholesale Seafood Market.


Feeling hungry after exploring the city, then head out for your relaxed lunch. If you are a vegetarian stuck in a foreign land, you can eat great food at Daigo – a vegetarian restaurant, mantled in luxuriant greens, at the foot of Mount Atago with the views of the Japanese gardens. A typical fulfilling lunch here will cost you between $90 to $130, which is a little extra, but it is worth it. The food will include green tea somen noodles, deep-fried tofu and sliced mushrooms among many others.

Alternatively, you could eat a meal at Kotaro for less than $100 but the waiting here is long. You can try the classic izakaya dishes and signature potato salad topped with smoked soft-boiled egg and mustard vinaigrette. Another lunch option would be Tamawarai, where you can eat the flavorful noodles served with side dishes including soba miso and creamy Yuba. A meal here is approximately $50/person.


We suggest two places where you can enjoy dinner to your heart’s content, one would be a light meal and the other is one where you can sit and fill the rest of your appetite. First, have a light meal at Isetan Shinjuku’s open kitchen or take a boxed meal up to the roof garden; then head for New York Grill which is very popular among locals and westerners. Situated at the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt, this restaurant offers great food with dynamic views of the city including Mt. Fuji. The open kitchen, spectacular floor-to-ceiling wine cellars, and smoke-kissed flavors add the required charm to the dining ambience.


Amidst so many wonderful dessert options we strongly recommend Gomaya Kuki, located in Omotesando. The highlight of this place is their loaded black and white sesame ice cream. Try Matcha desserts, if you still haven’t already been smitten by their popularity and if you got a knack for any other flavor do try sesame, it is wonderful! They also have sesame ice cream, cheesecake, and latte.

Visiting a new place and not trying their famous cuisine cannot be termed as a successful trip. Tokyo is indeed filled with a great food that will surely satisfy the foodie in you. Book you flight ticket to Tokyo for a flavorful trip today!

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