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Nothing gets a party started like beer. More than a drink, it’s the sign of bros, friendships and unity.
That shouldn’t surprise you why beer lovers have so many festivals all around the globe and all around the year. One of the biggest happens right here, in the heart of USA at Chicago. It is among the largest cities in the US with its amazing skyscrapers and bold architecture. And how wonderful it is to be there in February to enjoy boozing in heated tents! If you have heard a little about the festival, we will get you knowing about it. Come along with us on this boozy ride.

Let’s pour some info

The Frost Fest Craft Beer Festival debuted in 2015 and within a short span of time took beer fans into its barrel. Even people of Chicago were looking for some outdoor activities to escape from cabin fever.  Though, this even is not completely an outdoor activity as it is celebrated in a heated tent.


When does it occur? Where does it take place? What all does it include? The craft beer tasting event happens in February in Chicago. The organizers divide the festival in two sessions. It includes over 40 breweries serving their signature craft beers in a 5,000 square foot heated tent.

What to Expect?

Everything. But quality is their key element. You will find competence in every feature of the event. Be it dance, music, the beers and Chicago’s most popular food trucks. This one-day, two-session winter party will definitely get your spirit and mood flowing like all that ale in your glass.

Some important info

You can purchase the tickets online. Each ticket includes a non-transferable wristband for entry to tasting area, which even includes one tasting glass as a souvenir. You must be 21-years of age or older with a valid ID to become eligible for the event. Unused tickets may not valid or redeemed for cashback.

This winter celebration of craft beer, spirits and cider with a live DJ, rainbow light show will warm your hearts and will surely lift your spirits.

Don’t you want to say cheers while being there? 

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So, are you ready? Till then, happy boozing!

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