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Got plans to travel last minute but worried about the soaring airfare prices? Well, we do understand the dilemma and also the fact that no matter how much last minute, we all want to still get cheap flight tickets because a penny saved is more beneficial than just spending it to get flight tickets. But the question is how to get cheap last-minute flights? There is a way out, if you follow these 5 easy ways suggested by CheapFareGuru, you will be able to get amazing last minute flight deals and save so much on airfare prices.

Be as flexible as you can

While we do understand that last minute flight tickets do not offer much flexibility, but it is still preferable to allow yourself to change some things to ensure you get cheap flight tickets. Try to be open about the day of traveling, preferably chose Tuesday, Wednesday or weekends as compared to weekends and even in many cases avoid Mondays. More so, even if it last minute, avoid traveling during the peak time of holidays or the festival. Instead, chose to book flight tickets on the day of the holiday that way you will grab best flight deals since majority of people have already left.

Choose red eye flights

Another way to grab lowest airfare deals is to choose red eye flightsair flights at odd times such as early morning and late night. These are often lower in airfare prices since these timings are not suitable for a majority of people. Choose these air flights if you can manage.

Choose alternate airports

One effective way to grab best flight deals for last minute travel plans is to choose alternate airports than the ones which are very popular and have air flights offering higher airfare prices. These alternate airports could be located several miles of the city, could have lesser staff, and also might have lesser number of air flight options and timings, so plan your timings accordingly factoring in the cost of security check, as well as transportation to-and-from the airport.

Opt for a layover

While some people may cringe on the idea of a layover flight because of the time it demands, there are many associated benefits which completely outweigh the disadvantages. A layover flight is cheaper than a non-stop flight, it adds a destination to your itinerary, and also allows you a little room to stretch your legs on a long air flight. However, do not consider a layover if you do not have the time. Additionally, ensure you get your flight tickets from the same airline for both stops so that there are no baggage issues. Also, check for the timings of the air flights.

Bag any cancellation holidays

If you are lucky and also vigilant then you might happen to grab flight deals from tour companies that offer cancellation holidays including last minute flights on huge discounts. These deals are put up on reduced airfare prices because of lack of demand or cancellation of passengers.

More so, the key to find last minute flight deals is to constantly stay alert and follow these 5 ways to get the best airfare prices last minute.


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