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We have all been there when someone from friends and family traveled around the world once or twice in his lifetime, and now they guide us to get the cheapest ticket and other hacks. Sometimes they say, “This is the trick to finding the most economical airfare ticket ever” followed by a long and complicated definition that leaves you wondering what is real and what is just a myth. Let’s discover that confusion, smash some air travel myths, and save you some money in the process.

Your favorite budget airline always has the best deal for you

False! No airline in the world ever has the most economical prices, not Frontier, not Delta, not JetBlue, none of them. But many believe their chosen discounter will always come through for them, so they don’t hassle to compare. Free tip! Compare every possible airline against every airline to get the lowest and discounted fare.

Buy flight tickets as early as possible

Another false belief- Airlines don’t actively control their fares for domestic flights until about three to three-and-a-half months before going (and for foreign flights, make that five months). Buy prior, and you will possibly pay a mid-range price – which is regularly more than you’d spend if you waited.

Some of the most beneficial deals are available at the last minute

Not so long ago, airline companies did offer last-minute discounts, but since then, they have become remarkably adept at cutting capability and understanding shopper desire. In simpler words, airline companies now routinely fill up their planes, so there’s no need for last-minute cutting.

Connecting flights are always cheaper than non-stops

But connecting flights are frequently more economical – not always, but often. So when you buy, compare non-stops as well with connecting flights, so you don’t miss possible savings.

All economy class seats are equal

American, Delta, and United now offer you Basic Economy as well as conventional economy; the trade-off has more affordable seats for more scattered amenities.

Tip: This is not so dissimilar from the way no-frills, ultra-cheap airlines work; just to be sure you know what you’re falling up to get your more contemptible seat and be sure it’s worth it.

Cram as much as feasible into that free carry-on bag

First of all, not all carry-ons are free, and Second, almost all airlines are posting size and weight limits for carry-ons on their websites, and if a bag is too big or too heavy, airline reps will get it from you to stow in cargo. You may indeed get dinged for a checked-bag fee or, even worse, an overweight bag fee.

You cannot open an airplane door when airborne

True: time to time, we hear absurd stories about tourists who do try to open airplane doors when airborne. The big news is, it can’t be done (according to various aviation specialists). That has to do with the variation in pressure inside and outside a plane in flight.

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