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Got your flight tickets for the next holiday in Colombia but need to manage the domestic flight tickets? Well, we do understand your concern since we all know Colombia is enormous and full of bumpy roads and huge mountain terrains that kind of make driving domestically to reach destinations a bit too unpredictable and difficult. Hence, it is in fact wise to choose domestic flights over the long bus rides in Colombia. Now, how to book online cheap domestic flights in Colombia is what CheapFareGuru can help you with.

Choose low-cost carriers in Colombia

To ensure you get cheap flight tickets, choose to travel by the low-cost carriers that operate air flights in Colombia or are basically from the same region. Airlines such as Avianca, LAN, Satena, and Viva Colombia are great options that offer best flight deals on domestic flights in Colombia. CheapFareGuru’s ideal pick would be air flights by Avianca. It offers many non-stop flights to domestic destinations unlike other three that have more layover flights. Also, it has friendly baggage policy, convenient air flight timings, quick connections in case of layover flights, and great airfare prices.

Change your location

What we imply here is that when you are trying to book cheap flight tickets in Colombia, a general Google search for Avianca would lead to its international website that will offer higher airfare prices. Hence, when you visit Avianca’s website, change your current location to Colombia to get best flight deals for domestic flights. Be clever, and just change the end of your URL “/co/en”  . This will allow you to book domestic flights in English at Colombian airfare prices.

Book in advance

Though the domestic flight airfare prices in Colombia will satisfy your budget, it is still advisable to book as early as possible to grab the cheapest flight deals.

Use Your American Credit Card

If you’re worried on how to pay for those domestic flights in Colombia once you have changed your location to Colombia instead of the U.S.? – Well, you are in for a treat. You can use a credit card issued in North America, and many other European countries including the UK, Spain, and Germany – to book flight tickets for domestic flights in Colombia.

More so, always remember to sign up for price alerts, airline newsletter, and follow their social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – to get regular updates about best flight deals on domestic flights in Colombia, as well as any drop in airfare prices.

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